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Machu Picchu Reopened With a Grandiose Light Show Last Weekend

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by Eben Diskin Nov 3, 2020

Machu Picchu reopened its doors to visitors on November 2, but the government of Peru organized quite the show the previous night to celebrate the event.

On Sunday night, a grand reopening ceremony took place, complete with a spectacular light show. A select group of tourists entered the UNESCO World Heritage site under an array of dazzling lights, and 45 local artists were on hand for special performances. Even more moving, messages from people all over the world were projected onto the citadel.

Machu picchu light show

Photo: Gobierno del Peru/Flickr

Rocio Barrios, Peru’s tourism minister, presented Machu Picchu with the “Safe Travels” seal, certifying that the site and its surrounding hotels and restaurants meet the required safety standards for COVID-19.

Machu Picchu reopening

Photo: Gobierno del Peru/Flickr

Minister of Culture Alejandro Neyra added, “Next year, millennial Peru will commemorate the Bicentennial of Independence, and I believe that we must find Peruvians more united than ever, resisting and opening our doors to the world.”

machu picchu

Photo: Gobierno del Peru/Flickr

Capacity for Machu Picchu has been reduced to 30 percent for now, with only 675 people allowed to enter each day. On October 15, other archaeological sites and museums reopened nationwide, and flights to Peru are resuming this month, including from the US.

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