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New Mallorca Hotel Doesn’t Allow Men

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by Elisabeth Sherman Sep 26, 2019

It’s no secret that traveling solo as a woman comes with its pitfalls. The unfortunate truth is that women have to worry about harassment and far worse if they want to explore foreign lands on their own. Finding a place where they feel totally safe is a blessing for women who want to enjoy their travels without stressing over finding the nearest exit or constantly looking over their shoulder. A new hotel in Mallorca, Spain, wants to give women just that, by banning men from the premises.

Insider reported that the newly opened Som Dona Hotel in Mallorca only accepts women guests, 14 years or older. It’s the first hotel in Spain that will open its doors to women only. According to the hotel’s website, Som Dona’s design focuses on “feminine features,” but the hotel amenities sound like anyone would enjoy regardless of gender.

In fact, the modern design makes it the perfect place to spend a vacation focused on rest and rejuvenation: There’s sprawling pool, spa, fitness center, and a sophisticated, minimalist bar decorated with red and pink throw pillows and comfy chairs. And you don’t have to worry about any men hovering nearby asking if you’re single after too many beers.

The hotel seems to have an overall wellness focus: The restaurant menu has “flavorful, healthy and sustainable” cuisine that is aimed at people with a “flexitarian” diet — people who eat a mostly plant-based diet that sometimes incorporate meat dishes.

While women traveling alone are welcome, the hotel is also suited to mother-daughter pairs and groups of friends. Several packages offer the opportunity to socialize with other guests and take part in guided tours of the island.

The hotel pledges to accept women of all sexual orientations, but hopefully plans to extend that invitation to a range of gender orientations, including trans women and nonbinary people, who often also find themselves at risk when traveling alone.

Hotels catering exclusively to women (or at least with one floor dedicated entirely to women) have opened in places like Vancouver to Copenhagen, but Som Dona stands out because the rates are so affordable, ranging from $80 to $176 per night.

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