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Mapped: the 2017 Terrorist Attacks

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by Morgane Croissant Jun 6, 2017

ALTHOUGH at Matador Network, we refuse to be scared off traveling by terrorism, it is still important for travelers to remain vigilant and for global citizens to know how the world is affected by terrorism.

The map below was created with crowdsourced data from Wikipedia to present a list of all the terrorist attacks that happened in 2017 around the globe. The attacks are sorted by perpetrators and their gravity is represented by the size of the circle that indicates them (the bigger the circle, the more severe the attack). The creators of the map have included details such as the dates, the exact locations, the number of fatalities for each attack and a description of the terrorist groups responsible for them. To access the interactive map, click here.

Note that many of the deadliest attacks have taken place in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nigeria, Somalia and Chad. In total, there have been 535 attacks and 3 635 fatalities in 2017.

For more information about the map and to improve it or submit revisions, click here.

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