Map: Yale Program on Climate Change Communication

Mapped: American People's Concerns Over Global Warming

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by Morgane Croissant May 17, 2017

IN 2015, researchers at Yale and Utah State University developed a tool to precisely estimate public opinion about climate change. From this tool, the research team created the detailed map below.

This map looks at American people’s level of worriedness regarding global warmning at the county level (dark blue representing a very low level of concerns and dark red/black representing a high level of concern). According to it, only 52% of the US population is concerned about global warning, but the research team notes that the public opinion is very diverse within the same state, ” […] in Texas, public worry about global warming ranges from a low of 39% in King County to a high of 61% in Travis County.”

Are you worried about global warming? If yes, what do you do to help fight the crisis facing our planet? Let us know in the comment section.

For more details on the research done to create this map, click here.

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