Map: Orbitz

Mapped: The Top International Destinations for Americans

United States Maps + Infographics
by Morgane Croissant May 16, 2017

WE KNOW that Americans are the second biggest spenders when traveling abroad (behind China), but where do they spend all their money? Orbitz researched the American people’s favourite travel destinations and created the map below to illustrate the data found.

Americans travel destinations

Map: Orbitz

Some of the destinations coincide with large populations of immigrants. For example, Indian people are the largest population of immigrants in Texas after Mexican people, therefore it is not surprising that Texas’ favourite travel destination is India (immigrants visiting their family members is an easy explanation). The same goes for The Philipines being Alaska’s preferred destination.

Other destinations do not seem to have any correlation with immigration but show that sunny locales are generally favored for vacations: Jamaica, Aruba, Costa Rica, The Bahamas.

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