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Mapped: Every Country's Tourism Slogan

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by Morgane Croissant Apr 19, 2017

FamilyBreakFinder put together this map of all the tourism slogans in the world and we’re loving it! Some of them are inspiring, a few are corny, and others are downright funny.

To be able to zoom in on the map, click here.

Cape Verde

“No stress”

Sounds good to us!

Tourism slogan


“Travel in Slovakia — Good idea!”

Slovakia goes straight to the point and does not enjoy excessive enthusiasm.

tourism slogan


“For travelers”

We’re coming!

tourism slogan


“Best enjoyed slowly”

We love slow traveling.

tourism slogan

El Salvador

“The 45-minute country”

We’re not sure what they mean by that, but we heard El Salvador is wonderful!

Tourism slogan

Check out the map and let us know what is your country’s tourism slogan in the comment section.

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