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Matador Travel Awards 2022: Emerging Destination

Türkiye Travel
by Matador Creators Dec 13, 2022

At the intersection of three continents and a cultural melting pot, Türkiye is one of the world’s fastest-growing post-pandemic destinations. The country has recently seen a surge in popularity, with Turkish Airlines spreading its wings to 315 destinations in 126 countries on six continents. Travelers to Istanbul find themselves in the world’s largest airport, newly opened in 2019.

A fascinating destination that seems to be on everybody’s bucket list, this nation of 85 million embraces both tradition and modernity. There’s a juxtaposition of archaeological sites and contemporary urban centers, magnificent mosques and trendy nightclubs, colorful spice bazaars and supermalls. Sunny seaside resorts along the Aegean and Mediterranean Sea coastlines add even more options to the appealing mix of things to do and see in Türkiye.

Straddling Europe and Asia across the narrow Bosphorus Strait, strategically located Istanbul blends Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman, and modern Turkish influences. To the south, Antalya is the Turkish Riviera, home to more than 200 of the world’s environmentally recognized beaches with a blue flag certificate. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the ruins at Ephesus represent a remarkably well-preserved ancient Greek city of great significance. In Central Türkiye, Cappadocia has a dramatic other-wordly landscape, an ancient natural wonder of soft volcanic rock structures carved out by Mother Nature that once supported a maze of sprawling underground cities.

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