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The Western Side of Maui Officially Opens To Tourism on November 1

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by Laurie Jo Miller Farr Oct 24, 2023

Hawaii recently announced that western Maui, the area of the island most damaged by the devastating fire in August, will officially open for tourism on November 1. Visitation is welcome and encouraged to west Maui as accommodations open back up, as well as to the other open areas of Maui. As the driving source of income for many on the island, responsible travel is more important than ever for the island’s recovery.

Maui’s mayor, Richard Bissen, announced the phased reopening, which covers an area north of Lahaina from Kahana to Kā‘anapali. Lahaina itself will remain fully closed to the public until further notice out of respect to the town’s residents as other parts of west Maui continues to reopen to visitors.

Map: Hawai’i Tourism Authority

The Hawai‘i Tourism Authority emphasizes that travelers returning to Maui after the fires will help to sustain jobs, keep businesses open, and support the community. It advises travelers to check with individual accommodations, activities, and businesses in west Maui for availability and hours of operation.

Visitors should follow the principals of Mālama Maui, which asks for respectful, compassionate, and responsible travel that gives back to the island. Mālama means to care for, and an inter-agency collaboration between the Office of Wellness and Resilience, Hawai’i Tourism Authority, and the County of Maui partnered to help show travelers how to leave a positive impact on the region while engaging in culinary, cultural, and outdoor experiences.

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