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You Can Become a Certified Mermaid Freediver in Florida Springs

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by Olivia Harden Jun 2, 2022

Who says mermaids aren’t real? If Ariel was your favorite Disney princess and you’ve dreamt of swimming in the depths of the ocean, this mermaid course will let you live out that fantasy.

Mermaid Freedive offers courses and retreats where guests have the opportunity to receive freediving and mermaid certifications from the Professional Association of Diving.

Guests of the all-inclusive retreat will spend four days and three nights in a shared space on the Suwannee River in Florida Springs, Florida. Tickets to the course include accommodations, food, activities, and the cost of certifications. However, the retreats are BYOT (bring your own tail).

Classes are run by instructors Brandee Anthony, founder of Mermaid Freedive and professional mermaid instructor for over six years, and Kayleigh McBride, a professional mermaid, divemaster, and scuba instructor.

The organizers say the mermaid course will teach guests how to control their breath when deep diving and instruct them how to use a mermaid fin. The retreat is also a great opportunity to bond with other fellow perspective mermaids, as participants will be sharing a living space with four to twelve others, plus instructors.

The cost of the four-day retreat is $1550 and there are dates available year-round. To participate, you’ll need to pack your wetsuit and fins, mask and snorkel, reusable water bottle, weight belt, a yoga mat, and towel — oh, and don’t forget your tail.

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