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Mexico’s Swankiest Swingers Resort Is Opening an ‘Adult Mansion’ Later This Year

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by Matthew Meltzer Mar 8, 2019

You are one step closer to living your own Eyes Wide Shut.

We can’t guarantee the new mansion at the Desire Riviera Maya will be teeming with libertine socialites and masked escorts. But we can confirm the world’s first “adult mansion” will be opening this December, inviting those who aren’t fans of clothes or convention to come enjoy its opulent surroundings.

So you’re not confused: The mansion isn’t a private home where some shadowy billionaire throws orgies. It’s actually an eight-suite, resort-within-a-resort at Desire, where adventurous couples can enjoy even greater privacy than they’d have on the main property. Done up in white marble, black ironwork, and plenty of mirrors, the mansion will resemble something of a cross between Scarface and the house from Crazy, Rich Asians, with a little dose of by-the-hour motel.

“We are thrilled to announce Desire Mansion as the latest addition to our growing brand and the place where opulence and sensuality will meet for couples seeking to indulge beyond pleasure,” said Rodrigo de la Peña, CEO of Desire’s parent company Original Group, via a press release.

What does he mean, exactly, by, “indulge beyond pleasure?“

Well, for the unfamiliar, Desire is a sprawling clothing-optional resort along the coast of Quintana Roo, a popular destination for couples who euphemistically refer to themselves as “in the lifestyle.” That’s a nice way of saying swingers, if you weren’t picking up on it, and guests here are welcome to traipse through many of the resort’s clothing-optional areas wearing nothing but a tan.

The resort is also home to a number of “playrooms,” where adventurous couples go with other couples, presumably to discuss the finer points of supply-side economics and 19th-century literature. And possibly enjoy a rousing game of bridge.

The mansion will have its own playrooms, available exclusively to guests in its eight suites. It’ll also have its own clothing-optional pool, private kitchen, lounges, and living rooms.

The eight suites will be divided between three floors, with the three ground-level suites offering private, swim-up pools. There’ll also be two suites on the middle floor, and two Royal Suites atop the mansion, with balconies looking out over the resort like kings and queens of all they survey.

The good news is you won’t need a secret password or a mask to access the mansion. The bad news is you will need a ton of cash. Though starting rates were not disclosed, regular rates at Desire can top $700 a night in-season. So expect the mansion to be upward of that.

But can you really put a price on living out all of your high society swingers’ dreams? Yeah, probably. But if you’ve got the money and an open mind, you’re not finding a better vacation in 2020.

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