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Join the Mile High Club, the Legal Way, on a Love Cloud Charter Flight

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by Alex Bresler Feb 7, 2022

Air travel just got a whole lot sexier thanks to Love Cloud, a plane charter company that’s inviting frisky fliers to get it on exactly 5,280 feet above Las Vegas.

The company, which brands itself as a “romantic scenic air tour” operator, offers three types of private charter: a Mile High Flight that can be booked for 45 minutes ($995), 60 minutes ($1,095), or 90 minutes ($1,495); a Romantic Dinner Flight that comes with either one or three courses ($1,295 and $1,595, respectively); and a Wedding Vow or Renewal Flight that lasts 45 minutes and costs $1,195, including a minister’s fee. For an extra $300, couples can tack a Romantic Limo Package onto any of the charters, which will have them shuttled to and from their aircraft in style.

Of the three, the Mile High Club Flight is Love Cloud’s hottest seller, founder Andy Johnson told The New York Times. While the flight was designed with duos in mind, the Times also reports that groups of up to four people have booked Mile High charters for an extra $200 per person.

If the thought of having sex in a cramped, questionably clean airplane bathroom never quite revved your engine, Love Cloud’s classier setup might just do the trick. The cabin is decked out with mattresses, red satin sheets and pillows, and a curtain sectioning off the flight deck, where the pilot is outfitted with noise-canceling headphones.

Though there’s a good chance passengers will be too, ahem, busy to appreciate the scenery during their escapades, the flight itself is actually pretty cool. Daytime flights offer views of the Las Vegas Strip, Hoover Dam, Red Rock Canyon, and Lake Meade while night flights hover over the city to see the Strip all aglow. If looking out at the Hollywood sign mid-cuddle is more your thing, Love Cloud now operates a Mile High Flight over Los Angeles, too.

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