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This Is How Much Sleep You Lose While Traveling

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by Henry Miller Mar 1, 2018

Healthy doses of sleep are critical to getting the most out of a trip. There is nothing worse than experiencing some of the world’s great wonders with your eyes crusted over as you drift through the haze of exhaustion. Yet, far too often, there is no way out of it — the jet lag is too fierce and the hotel bed too flimsy. But just how much is our sleep affected when we travel?

A new study from Mattress Advisor surveyed 1,000 Americans about how much sleep they lose while traveling, be it by plane, boat, or automobile. The study also looked into our strategies for getting the appropriate amount of shut-eye on the road, from sex to booze, to books, and probably back to sex again. (As it turns out, the most ancient solutions for fighting fatigue are still quite popular).

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