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How to Get Some Decent Sleep While on an Airplane

Maps + Infographics
by Henry Miller Jan 18, 2018

In just about every sci-fi movie set in space, from 2001 to Interstellar, there is some form of “cryosleep.” This is mainly so people can travel vast distances across the universe, but I imagine that a secondary reason is so that the passengers don’t rip out their eyeballs after being stuck in a metal tube for months on end. Unfortunately, nobody has invented cryosleep yet, so we are stuck with trying to get normal sleep on those super long flights around the world. However, Globehunters has published a helpful infographic for finding full, restful snoozing time while flying from New York to LA, or San Francisco to Japan. While bringing your own pillow and ear plugs are obvious solutions, there are a few other tips for getting ZZZs that you might not have considered.

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