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No Men Are Allowed on This Gorgeous Private Island

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by Morgane Croissant Mar 14, 2018

Picture this: a private island where four Vogue-approved luxury cabins with all sorts of fancy spa amenities welcome 10 lucky women who need to get away from it all — work, stress, and above all, men. That’s right, there’s an entire island in Finland that women can visit where they won’t find a single man.

The SuperShe Island is an 8.4-acre, private, women-only retreat set in the gorgeous Baltic Sea off the coast of Finland. There, women can experience daily wellness activities like meditation, yoga, nature walks, Finnish saunas and farm-to-table dining. Women can apply to be a member through the website, (the form asks you to explain why you would be excited to go to the SuperShe Island), and then an interview will follow. The only catch — and it’s a big one — is the price tag: between $3000 and $6000 for a 5-day stay.

Like many, I would love to leave my partner behind to practice yoga, enjoy the Finnish fresh air, and swim bare butt in the sea with a bunch of other women on a luxury island resort, but I don’t have that cash lying around for this kind of vacation. If your wallet is also looking a little thin, don’t despair; you can still travel to plenty of island locales around the world with your girlfriends for a significantly cheaper cost (I recommend spending a few days in a beautiful hotel in Thailand lounging around on the beach, if you want luxury while still having some money to spare).

But the concept of having women connect with each other away from men is a terrific idea; it’s invaluable for women to have a comfortable, safe place filled with female energy. The town where I live has a Women Center — a little house with a kitchen, a sitting room, a garden, and even a clothing store where women from all backgrounds can meet, share a cup of coffee, and stories. There are free yoga classes and free massages organized regularly, there’s no entry fee, and there’s no asking women questions at the door to see if they are worthy of coming in. For now, though, the SuperShe island will focus on being an exclusive, extravagant experience — one that we hope will become more accessible to women of all kinds in the future.

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