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Passenger Films American Airlines Employee Busting Some Serious Moves on the Tarmac

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by Eben Diskin Aug 1, 2019

Flight taxiing usually isn’t very memorable (at least, not in a good way), but this American Airlines worker is defying the odds and livening up passengers’ journeys to the runway. Passenger Suzanne Durham noticed crew chief Isaiah Foster breaking into dance while she was waiting at her gate at Nashville International Airport, and posted the video on Twitter.

Durham told ABC News, “I was on the phone and looking out the window and he was literally out there dancing and doing all these moves with the luggage cart initially. I said, ‘I hope I capture him on video’ because he was just pure joy.”

The video actually only captures the second act of Foster’s performance. The first occurred before Durham could whip out her phone. “Part of my job I do on social media,” said Durham, who is a music producer based in Nashville, and knew social media would appreciate this special moment. “I was just looking and thought, ‘Oh man I have to record this.’”

A spokesperson for American Airlines said, “Foster [is] proving that when you love what you do, you can dance on the fly.”

So far, the video has been viewed on Twitter over 10,000 times.

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