The traveler in your life more than likely doesn’t need another neck pillow or portable charger, so what to give them this year? Whether they are seasoned globetrotters or casual vacationers, there’s always something that can make their journey more comfortable, exciting, or memorable. To help you out, here’s Matador’s guide to travel gifts for women selected from companies owned and operated by female entrepreneurs. The passion and strong values held by each of these businesses will undoubtedly put a skip in your step and comfortable spending your hard-earned dollars.

We hope you love the travel gifts for women we recommend! Just so you know, Matador may collect a small commission from the links on this page if you decide to make a purchase.

Organic cotton bandanas by Salmon Sisters

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Salmon Sisters is a family business owned and operated by fishermen and sisters, Claire and Emma. The siblings grew up in Alaska’s remote Aleutian Islands, and through their products, they strive to tell the story of Alaskans’ connection to the ocean. As well as their frozen fish boxes and a stunning cookbook, they have a range of outdoor gear and accessories.

Their travel bandanas are soft and large enough to be multifunctional. They come in four different designs and colors. Salmon Sisters also give back one percent of their net profits to the Food Bank of Alaska.

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Snow gear and t-shirts by Coalition Snow

Coalition Snow T-shift Shred

Photo: Coalition Snow/Facebook

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Jen Gureki, founder of Coalition Snow, set out to “deconstruct the status quo,” and she and her team have certainly done that.

“We were tired of watered-down and pinked-up men’s equipment,” reads the company’s statement. “We know we deserved better equipment and the community saw us, heard us, valued us, and put us front and center. So we said goodbye to the shink-it-pink-it method and bro culture and said hello to something more.”

Coalition Snow is one of the few women-run ski and snowboard makers in the world. It goes beyond crafting performance-driven skis and snowboards, though, and is outspoken about achieving equality.

“Don’t let the she/her/hers pronouns fool you,” as the statement says. “We believe that the recipe for making a kick-ass pair of skis or snowboards has nothing to do with what’s between your legs but what’s between your ears and in your heart.”

Coalition Snow crafts boards and skis, as well as a range of really cool apparel and accessories, from embroidered tanks and shirts to yoga pants and stickers.

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Carry on Starter Kit and Go Clutch mini by BlackTravelBox

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“I started BlackTravelBox to give women of color a brand they could trust for their travel personal care needs,” founder and CEO Orion Brown declares. “As Black travelers, we have few places we can find products that work for our hair and skin care needs.”

Since 2017, Brown has passionately worked to get the company off the ground and now has a huge range of beauty products made from natural or naturally derived ingredients.

The Carry on Starter Kit of beauty products is TSA-friendly, giving travelers peace of mind when navigating security. Come November, the company is bundling the kit with its Go Clutch mini in a snazzy gift box, perfect for the holidays.

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Travel haircare products by Briogeo

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Nancy Twine grew up blending natural ingredients for homemade beauty products. She turned her hobby into a business when she launched Briogeo, a haircare collection that goes back to the basics while providing results. All products are 90 to 100 percent naturally derived. Briogeo’s diverse range of products also cater to all hair types. The company has a quick online quiz you can take to customize your product selection. Pick from the nice range of travel kits to make sure your loved one gets the perfect on-the-go haircare.

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Vegan leather backpack by MinkeeBlue

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Sherrill Mosee was driven to design bags that solved what she calls the “overload bag syndrome.” The result is MinkeeBlue’s range of backpacks, which are an ideal carry-on. Each is perfect for the smart traveler who likes their laptop, shoes, and passport all in the correct place.

Her range of Nichet Backpacks has a folding panel that transforms the bag into two compartments, various external and internal pockets, a padded laptop bag, and a suitcase sleeve.

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Socks by Heim Made

Heim Made Mohair Socks

Photo: Heim Made

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Heim Made was started by mother and daughter partners Rose and Gretchen Heim. Their company is home-grown and home-spun in northern Minnesota. Focusing on comfortable and stylish solutions to cold weather, Heim has a huge range of apparel, from tights and leggings to duck feet boots.

The mohair socks caught my attention because, quite frankly, who doesn’t like a gift of cozy socks for Christmas? These ankle and boot-length kid mohair socks are perfect for anyone who enjoys the outdoors and does not want to suffer from chilly toes.

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Beanie by Skida

Skida Beanie

Photo: Skida/Facebook

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Skida was founded by Vermont skier Corinne Prevot, who first started making hats for her Burke Mountain Academy cross-country ski teammates. As demand grew for the fun and colorful hats, so did the company, but 11 years later, Prevot is still committed to local production in Vermont and limited edition products.

This year’s range of beanies is as bright and fun as past collections, and all come with the iconic Skida tag on the front. A cold-weather essential, the Ridge beanie is super durable with a three-inch cuff.

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Glow Mist by Touchland

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The #touchland hashtag has accumulated over 217 million views on TikTok. The company was founded by Andrea Lisbona in Barcelona in 2010. Lisbona has created one of the most popular female-owned self-care brands. Touchland hand sanitizer sprays are hydrating and last longer than gel options, with 500 sprays per container. They also smell delicious.

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Wanderful’s Traveler Membership from Wanderful

membership cards general

Photo: Wanderful

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Wanderful has brought together a community of female travelers who support and share resources through an online and offline network.

“As many as 40 percent of the women in our community have at one point opted out of a trip because they didn’t feel safe, or because of someone else’s concerns about their safety,” states Wanderful founder and CEO Beth Santos. “By creating a network that caters to women travelers, we do not feed into or perpetuate existing fears. We give women a space to build powerful, positive relationships with other women around the world in whatever capacity they choose.”

This is the ideal platform for anyone who is thinking of taking a solo trip and is looking to share stories and meet other women. It has a membership gift certificate that allows travelers to connect. The membership also grants access to monthly webinars, digital meetups, community discount deals, and free events.

Price: $99

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Sweaters by Gitchi Adventure Goods

Gitchi Adventure Goods Jumper

Photo: Gitchi Adventure Goods/Facebook

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Co-founders Sarah Rykal and Sam Peterson came together to launch Gitchi Adventure Goods, an outdoor gear company with an admirable moral compass. Some core principles include incorporating environmental stewardship and social equity into all aspects of the business, pushing the needle toward diversity and equality, and doing a kick-ass job while having fun.

They also give back to the outdoors that they love and draw their creative inspiration from. The company’s Public Lands Pledge promises to give 10 percent of proceeds to national parks, state parks, and other wilderness areas.

I love the Nature is Female crewneck ($34.99). Equally, the range of badges and stickers make perfect stocking stuffers.

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Reusable under eye sunblock patches by Sun Patch

Sun Patch SPF one of the best travel gifts for women

Photo: Sun Patch

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Gena Griffin invented Sun Patch’s reusable under-eye sunblock. The patches are made from 100 percent silicone sunscreen designed to provide UV protection for the sensitive skin under your eyes. They come in packs of four pairs and are available in different colors including white, neon pink, neon blue, and neon yellow. One of the standout features of Sun Patch’s products is that they are water and sweat-proof for up to six hours. This makes them suitable for use in various outdoor activities or sports. They are also hypoallergenic, chemical, and phthalate-free, which means they are safe for sensitive skin.

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Waterproof protection case for AirPods by Catalyst

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June Lai is the co-founder and CEO of Catalyst, which started with one product and a Kickstarter campaign. Lai, a pilot, scientist, techno-geek, and avid rock climber, combined her love for adventure and consumer technology gadgets to create protective and stylish cases for electronic devices. Catalyst’s case was designed to safeguard AirPods from the elements, providing a whopping 330 feet (100 meters) of waterproof protection. Great for travelers, you can take your AirPods swimming, hiking, or on any other outdoor adventure without worrying about them getting damaged.

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Mulberry silk eye mask by Brooklinen

Photo: brooklinen

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Brooklinen was founded by Vicki Fulop who was driven to create luxury bedding without a hefty price tag. The brand is best known for its comforters and beautiful sheets, but it also sells a stunning 100 percent silk eye mask. One of the key features of this gift is its ability to protect the skin from friction damage. The silk fabric is naturally cool to the touch, providing a soothing sensation for the wearer. It’s especially beneficial for travelers, shift workers, or anyone who simply loves to indulge in beauty sleep.

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Greeting cards by Wild Lettie

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Wild Lettie is not your usual greeting card company. Founded by Annie Lang, the Michigan-based company produces a huge range of fun cards, pins, drinkware, keychains, notebooks, and a ton of other goodies. Wild Lettie pledges a portion of its earnings to the Planet and Alliance for the Great Lakes. The products are made from recycled paper with vegetable-based inks, and everything is sourced and manufactured ethically.

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Bracelets by Little Words Project

Little Words Project Bracelet

Photo: Little Words Project/Facebook

Little Words Project describes itself as a community of nice girls who believe in supporting women. This women-run jewelry company produces handcrafted bracelets with inspirational words. The bracelets are inscribed with a unique code that registers the owner to what the company calls the “Nice Girl Gang — a community of women dedicated to building each other up.” The group is based online, and with the code, your giftee can gain access and meet other badass women. You can shop for a range of words such as “fearless,” “grateful,” and “be you,” or you can customize the bracelet with a personalized message.

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