Photo: Chateau de Versailles

Photos of Giant Animal Sculptures Show Versailles Like You’ve Never Seen Before

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by Olivia Harden Jun 21, 2021

There’s already a lot to see in Versailles, from sumptuous gardens to highly decorated rooms. Now there are also giant animals to gawk at. From June 19 to October 10, 2021, the palace will host The Lalanne at Trianon, an art exhibition displaying works by esteemed artists Claude and François-Xavier Lalanne. The exhibition made up of giant animal sculptures will start at the gardens of the Petit Trianon and travel to the Queen’s Hamlet and the English Garden.

The artworks are sure to add a touch of fun to the very beautiful, but also very serious, Versailles gardens.

The Lalanne family, some collectors, and the Galerie Mitterand have lent the artwork to Versailles. Visitors can expect to see famous pieces like Wapiti (Grand) from 1996, Le Très Grand Ours (The Very Large Bear), and the iconic Moutons (Sheep) by François-Xavier.

The new exhibit comes shortly after the opening of the new luxury hotel on the Château de Versailles, the first and only hotel on the Versailles palace grounds.

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