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New ‘Rage Room’ in São Paulo Lets Angry People Thrash Out Their Frustration

by Dayana Aleksandrova Feb 22, 2021

Brazilians are finding new ways to release their anger. A new “Rage Room” in a warehouse near São Paulo opened its doors last month and for under $5, visitors can take a sledgehammer to various objects such as TVs, computers, and printers.

The business is the brainchild of Vanderlei Rodrigues who wanted to create an outlet for people to release adrenaline and pent-up emotions. The “Rage Room” has already received a number of participants eager to unleash their frustration, whether related to the pandemic, work, family life, or the general state of the world. “I think it was the best moment to be able to set this up here in Cidade Tiradentes, related to everything that people are going through, a lot of anxiety, stress,” Rodrigues told Reuters.

Visitors are required to wear helmets and protective suits for safety. They’re also encouraged to write the very thing that is ticking them off on the wall and proceed to hammer out the issues.

The “Rage Room” serves as a safe space to release anger with many choosing to lash out in a fun environment as opposed to elsewhere. One of the participants, Luciana Holanda, shared, “With all this accumulated stress, being a mother, having children and not being able to work…it is very good to be able to release some stress and vent. I am not going to vent my frustrations on my daughters or on anyone, so I really prefer to break things, I love it.”

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