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Ranking the Most Fun Cities in Europe

Europe Maps + Infographics
by Henry Miller Jan 20, 2018

Europe is the most visited place outside of North America by Americans, and it makes sense. Tickets are cheaper compared to other continents, there is a well-established tourism industry, and Europe is a blast. But what is the most fun city in Europe? According to research by Oliver’s Travels, London is far-and-away the best place for fun-seeking travelers. The researchers came to this conclusion by counting the number of landmarks, parks, museums, concerts, nightlife attractions, and more in each of the region’s most-visited cities in 2017. That being said, Prague is apparently the best destination for families thanks to its spread of water parks, zoos, and boat tours.

Of course, the definition of “fun” changes depending on who you are and what you are in the mood for. So, if you are someone who can’t stand crowds and overpriced water bottles, maybe use the infographic below to find the places that are perhaps the most underrated. I’ve got my eyes on Stockholm.

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