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Rent a Celebrity Tour Bus for Your Next Road Trip and Travel Like a Rock Star

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by Eben Diskin Aug 4, 2020

Road trips are always exciting, but nothing livens up the dreary stretches of flat highway like some good old-fashioned delusions of grandeur. Instead of crossing the empty plains in your beat-up sedan, why not rent a tour bus usually reserved for celebrities.

It’s no secret that live concerts and festivals are on pause right now. That means an abundance of tour buses are sitting in disuse. Hemphill Brothers Coach Company — a Nashville-based company that rents tour buses to celebrities like Beyonce, Paul McCartney, and Taylor Swift — is now renting its entire fleet of over 100 luxury RVs to the non-famous public.

The vehicles’ interiors are custom made and come equipped with heated marble bathroom floors, Apple TVs, hardwood floors, genuine leather, and granite detailing. Some buses even have special additions like treadmills, pianos, indoor fireplaces, and tanning beds. And, best of all, they come with a skilled driver.

The price of renting a tour bus will vary depending on the destination, length of the rental, specific bus, and other factors. Nashville Lifestyle estimates that “a bus accommodating 12 people (plus luggage and pets) from Nashville to the famous 30A beaches of Florida is $3,600 in July and August 2020.”

It definitely won’t be cheap, but at least you’ll turn more heads than you would in your sedan.

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