Philadelphia is a food town. Representing different traditions and neighborhoods, these Philly classics listed below have one thing in common: they’re a quintessential part of the Philadelphia experience. Here are some spots you need to hit up in order to call yourself a real Philadelphian.

1. John’s Roast Pork

The name and location are unassuming, but John’s is a Philly mainstay. The roast pork sandwich melts in your mouth and the cheesesteak puts others to shame.

2. Sarcone’s Bakery

The tomato pie from Sarcone’s Bakery is a local delicacy — it has a perfect crust, and thick, flavorful tomato sauce. The rolls here are also the stuff of legend, adding to the hoagie enjoyment of thousands.

3. Dinic’s

We are a city that takes our sandwiches seriously. Dinic’s juicy roast pork paired with provolone and broccoli rabe is so good that it’s worth battling the lunchtime crowds.

4. Termini Bros

You haven’t had a good cannoli until you experience the indulgent dessert from Termini Bros, where you can choose from a selection of fillings. The cakes, cookies, and other goods are also worth queuing up for or ordering for a special occasion.

5. Mayfair Diner

Diner culture is strong in Philly, and Mayfair Diner in the Northeast is a classic. Make sure to leave space for a side of the mac and cheese.

6. John’s Water Ice

A summer staple — John’s Water Ice is a Philly institution that serves mouthwatering, all-natural water ice that’s delicious and refreshing. There are four standard flavors — cherry, chocolate, pineapple, and lemon — but on weekends you’ll find some surprise combos made from locally-sourced fruit.

7. Isgro’s

The Termini vs. Isgro’s cannoli debate is almost as heated as the Pat’s and Geno’s discussion, but you need to sample both to realize that they’re equally divine.

8. Wawa

If Wawa isn’t part of your life in Philly in some capacity, then you need to seriously consider relocating. It’s simple, fast, and doesn’t skimp on flavor or produce.

9. Tacconelli’s

You know your pizza has to be good if you can get Philadelphians to happily call ahead to reserve their dough. The legendary stories of Tacconelli’s hold strong, so expect a queue. Keep it simple and order a red pie.

10. Old Original Nick’s Roast Beef

Juicy sandwiches reign supreme in Philly. The roast beef at Nick’s is delectable, and the gravy is worth the raised cholesterol.

11. McGillin’s Olde Ale House

McGillin’s is Philly’s longest continuously operating tavern. The bar food and reasonable prices are a draw for everything from game watching to dinner to happy hour.