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This Couple Retired on a Cruise Ship With 50+ Back-to-Back Voyages

by Matador Creators Oct 9, 2023

When you dream of retirement, it probably looks something like downsizing to a manageable cottage or condo, taking up a hobby like crochet or golf, and maybe jetting off to Europe once a year without the stress of worrying about PTO. This couple took retirement to the next level completely by spending over a year abroad on a cruise ship. They’ve taken over 50 consecutive voyages aboard Princess Cruises ships, and have happily spent their retirement seeing the world.

So far, Jess and Marty Ansen, of Brisbane Australia, have had 51 consecutive cruises aboard the Coral Princess, starting back in June 2022. They’ve sailed to destinations in the South Pacific like Australia, New Zealand, and Hawaii, but it seems like that’s just the beginning. They plan to stay aboard the Coral Princess for another few months before taking a brief land break, and then boarding the Crown Princess for even more oceanborne adventures.

The couple didn’t just choose Princess Cruises on a whim. They’d taken 31 cruises with the company prior to the COVID-19 shutdown, and now that they’re retired, the decision to go with Princess seemed like a no brainer.

“Cruising offers the ultimate holiday experience,” Marty told Cruise Hive. “You go onboard, unpack once, and you have all this amazing entertainment, exceptional food, great company, and you can see the world. And, the crew delivers incredible service – that’s why we cruise.”

Perhaps surprisingly, the Ansens claim that cruising into retirement is actually less expensive than living in a traditional retirement community. While this may be true, especially considering some of the more expensive retirement communities, it’s worth noting that the Ansens benefit from Princess’ loyalty program, which offers benefits like free mini bar, laundry services, and discounts on shore excursions and onboard shopping.

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