The Best Road Trip Itinerary to See the Most Popular Roadside Attractions in the US

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by Jori Ayers Sep 2, 2021

Instead of a road-trip to visit all the US national parks, or one that will take you to the best leaf-peeping spots in the country, why not get in the car to try and see some of the US’s coolest roadside attractions?

There are so many fun and quirky roadside attractions in the US — like Seven Magic Mountains in Nevada, or Carhenge in Nebraska — that building an entire road trip around them is a breeze.

Road side attractions in Nevada and Minnesota

Photo: SkyBlodgett/Shutterstock and Steve Cukrov/Shutterstock

But to save you the planning of such a road trip, credit broker used data from TripAdvisor and Instagram to select the top 25 roadside attractions in the US and mapped out an efficient itinerary to see them all in one go.

The ultimate roadside attraction road trip is a 9,918-mile loop and will take roughly 14 days to complete, with a total of 154 hours spent on the road.

Here are the top 25 roadside attractions in the US (in order of the popularity):

  1. Salvation Mountain, California
  2. Seven Magic Mountains, Nevada
  3. Devils Tower, Wyoming
  4. The Fremont Troll, Washington
  5. Worlds Largest Beagle, Idaho
  6. Jolly Green Giant, Minnesota
  7. Lucy the Elephant, New Jersey
  8. Parthenon, Tennessee
  9. Lizzie Borden Murderabilia, Massachusetts
  10. SPAM Museum, Minnesota
  11. Grotto of the Redemption, Iowa
  12. Historic Nucelur B Reactor, Washington
  13. Beasts of Borrego Springs, California
  14. Showman’s Rest, Oklahoma
  15. Snake Alley, Iowa
  16. Enchanted Highway, North Dakota
  17. Tombstone, Arizona
  18. The Windsor Ruins, Mississippi
  19. Exhibition Coal Mine, West Virginia
  20. Devils Rope Museum, Texas
  21. Granite Sculptures of Hope Cemetery, Vermont
  22. USS Albacore, New Hampshire
  23. Prada Marfa, Texas
  24. Carhenge, Nebraska
  25. Museum of American Glass, New Jersey

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