You Can Roller Skate on the JFK Airport Tarmac This Summer

New York News
by Elisabeth Sherman May 17, 2021

Here’s a bit of hotel news for people with an incredibly niche intersection of hobbies: The TWA Hotel opened a roller rink at John F. Kennedy Airport. So if you love planes and dancing to retro tunes while cruising around on rollerblades, add this outing to your summer activity itinerary.

The TWA Hotel features sleek, ’60s-era decor and atmosphere, and the new Roll-A-Rama at the Runway Rink shares a similar aesthetic. According to the TWA website, the roller rink welcomes “roller skaters to take a spin on the tarmac around the hotel’s 1958 Lockheed Constellation ‘Connie’ airplane.”

Runway Rink is open on the weekends all summer long, and tickets cost $20 per adult and $16 per child for a 50-minute session (that includes your skate rental, but guests are welcome to bring their own). You can’t buy tickets in advance, so be prepared to wait for your turn amidst crowds of similarly excited retro roller skating enthusiasts.

Originally, the hotel served as the terminal for the now-defunct Trans World Airlines. The airline operated from 1930 to 2001, and boasts a ton of fun history — like the fact that in the area that is now home to The Sunken Lounge, fans awaited the arrival of The Beatles in 1965.

The Sunken Lounge is a cocktail bar outfitted in red carpeting and white accents meant to reflect the glamor of the 1960s. The lounge’s menu specializes in ‘60s cocktail favorites, and the windows overlook the tarmac.

The new roller rink is part of a lineup of offerings at the hotel that will tempt adventurers who are looking to get out of the city this summer. That “Connie” airplane, for instance, has been converted into a cocktail lounge, which earned praise from Departures magazine for its “fabulous” interior design.

Perhaps the biggest draw to the TWA Hotel is the rooftop pool. The infinity pool doubles as an observation deck, where overnight guests can watch as planes depart and land at the airport. Of course, the rooftop pool is outfitted with a bar as well. Roller skating adds just another attraction to the list of reasons why people should go to the JFK airport without booking a flight.

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