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Round-Trip Flights to Bali Are Under $600 Right Now — Seriously.

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by Tim Wenger Mar 29, 2018

If playing with monkeys and surfing in the same day is on your to-do list for this fall or winter, it’s time to act. One-stop flights from San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Chicago into Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar are running $560 round trip on Eva Air, according to the experts at Scott’s Cheap Flights.

The team at Scott’s Cheap Flights expects this epic deal to disappear within a day or two, so don’t delay in snatching tickets while you can. Travel must take place between August and November of this year and/or January through March of 2019. Hotels tend to be cheaper in the fall, but come November the island enters its rainy season. If you can swing it, September is the optimal time to get out there.

To book the flights, head to Google Flights and search for flights into Denpasar from one of the three airports listed above (if flying out of Chicago, head to the Eva Air website). The key is to check the “My dates are flexible” box, which allows the algorithm to find the lowest possible fares.

Here’s an insider tip for making the most out of your affordable Bali vacation: After arrival on the island, we suggest a quick surf before heading north towards the town of Ubud and its famed Monkey Forest. The experience of walking through the home of Bali’s booming monkey population is unforgettable. But adjacent to the park is an activity that few know about other than locals and the digital nomads parked on the island long enough to explore a bit.

Rent a scooter, the island’s preferred and easiest mode of transportation, and head up Jl Nyuh Bojog, southwest of the forest. Immediately past the Bali Bohemia restaurant, take a right onto what looks like a tight sidewalk. In all likelihood, traffic will come in and out of the turn as you approach, making identification of the right spot easy. Continue on this narrow strip, cautiously moving around pedestrians, as it winds around the edge of the park before depositing you straight into downtown. The path quickly turns into a boardwalk. Monkeys crawl on the fences, and the experience of riding on your scooter with a bunch of other locals doing the same is as close to real-life Mario Kart as can be found anywhere in the world. It’s as memorable as the forest itself, and a great way to skip the seemingly endless backlog of traffic heading into town on the main road.

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