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This Cruise Ship Suite Has the Best Panoramic Views of the Ocean

by Morgane Croissant May 8, 2024

The cheapest way to cruise with any cruise line, on any cruise ship, no matter the itinerary, is to book an interior cabin. Because you don’t get a window, never mind a balcony, you pay a lot less. Besides the cost, staying in an interior room can be a blessing in disguise as it forces you to spend a lot of time outside to take in the views, and consequently pushes you to enjoy more of the ship and the many experiences on offer. For those who can splurge, however, there’s one type of cabin that will make you want to spend as much time inside as possible: Royal Caribbean’s Ultimate Panoramic Suite.

Ultimate Panoramic Suites on Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas

Photo: Photo: Royal Caribbean

Out of all 28 ships that make up the Royal Caribbean fleet, there’s only one ship with Ultimate Panoramic Suites: The Oasis of the Seas. Even then, the ship, which has 2801 staterooms, only has two Ultimate Panoramic Suites (both of which able to accommodate four guests.)

Photo: Royal Caribbean Press Center
Photo: Royal Caribbean Press Center

What makes Royal Caribbean’s Ultimate Panoramic Suites so special isn’t the 914 square foot of space — even though it includes a large living area, a walk-in closet, or a very spacious bathroom with a bathtub with a view, a shower, and a double sink — it’s the windows.

Located at the bow of the ship, the suites’ floor-to-ceiling windows offer 270-degree panoramic views, which are best enjoyed from the master bedroom. Guests who stay in Royal Caribbean’s Ultimate Panoramic Suites benefit from the same vistas the captain and their crew have from the bridge, which is located just below the rooms.

The two Ultimate Panoramic Suites were added to the Oasis of the Seas upon the ship’s refurbishment in 2019, and while Royal Caribbean has much newer ships than the Oasis of the Seas, some featuring Panoramic Suites, none of them have the specific configuration that provides such impressive views.

Being part of the cruise line’s Royal Suite Class, the Ultimate Panoramic Suites come with an array of benefits, including the Royal Genie service. Royal Genies, which are very much like butlers, create personalized experienced for the guests by making restaurant and show reservations, creating customized shore excursion, and even coordinating private shopping in onboard luxury boutiques. That said, if you’re staying in one of the two Ultimate Panoramic Suites, you might want to order room service for every meal and just lay on the bed and take in the views for the duration of the sailing.

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