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Selena Gomez Will Host a Quarantine-Inspired Cooking Show

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by Elisabeth Sherman May 6, 2020

Former Disney star, certified pop phenomenon, and indie darling actress (she’s worked with Jim Jarmusch and Harmony Korine) is adding another accolade to her IMDB page: cooking show host. Yes, the multi-talented celebrity has officially signed on to host her own quarantine cooking with HBO Max.

According to Billboard, the 10-episode series was inspired by Gomez’s adventures in the kitchen while self-isolating. Here’s the twist: She might not actually be that good at cooking? HBO Max wrote in a press release that, “despite her many talents, it remains to be seen if cooking is one of them.”

Gomez added that she’s always been “very vocal” about her love for food and that if she could pick another career she’d be a chef. Though she has no formal training in the kitchen, she has found herself doing what millions of other Americans have done when boredom hits: Head to the kitchen and start experimenting with whatever is the fridge. Maybe she’ll even try to whip up a sourdough.

Of course, unlike millions of other Americans, she’ll have help from the best in the business. Each episode will feature what HBO Max calls a “master chef” who will tutor Gomez remotely as she cooks. Will goofy hijinks ensue as the pop star attempts to become an accomplished home cook, dealing with everything from “smoking ovens to missing ingredients,” along the way? It’s very likely.

So far those are the only details about the show we know, but it’s hard to tell if a cooking show hosted by a person who doesn’t really know how to cook will work. An essential ingredient to a really good cooking show is a talented chef who you can watch create art out of food. A singer burning toast while Gordon Ramsay yells at her from a Zoom call doesn’t exactly sound like tantalizing food television, but who knows — maybe there will be some unexpected comedy in Gomez’s cooking travails. HBO Max is set to launch on May 27.

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