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This Map Shows Everywhere Single-Use Plastics Are Banned

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by Tim Wenger May 20, 2019

The plastic waste trashing our oceans and filling landfills across the world has attracted much global attention of late. With stories of plastic washing up on beaches and plastic bags reaching the deepest depths of the ocean, consumers and travelers need a better understanding of how to avoid using plastic.

We all want to be part of the solution, and travel company Orbitz is helping that cause with this new map of places that have banned single-use plastics. Going state-by-state, the map lists cities, hotels, and other established entities that have banned disposable plastics in an effort to help travelers make decisions on the places and businesses to support during their journeys.

“You don’t have to sacrifice sustainability just because you’re on vacation,” Orbitz Brand Director Carey Malloy said in an interview published by Thrillist. “Even if you are traveling to a destination without a ban on plastic bags or straws, you still have the option to help reduce waste. Las Vegas is a great example of a destination with many hotels committed to waste reduction even without a city-wide ban.”

A few notable trends stand out on the map. For example, a look at the Nevada section makes clear that many of the hotels on the Las Vegas strip have ditched single-use plastics. Several beach towns have done the same since they’re among the places most likely to experience the waste firsthand when plastic trash washes up on their shores.

Despite the massive leap backward in progressive federal policies over the past two years, our nation’s capital has actually banned both plastic straws and plastic bags. We still have a long way to go, but this map is proof that positive changes are afoot in the travel community.

H/T: Thrillist

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