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Sir David Attenborough Implores World Leaders to Do More to Protect Nature

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by Eben Diskin Oct 5, 2020

If world leaders don’t already care about the facts behind global warming, habitat destruction, and animal extinction, Sir David Attenborough is going to make them. The famous British naturalist spoke at a virtual United Nations event, calling on world leaders to devote more time and resources to reversing losses in the natural world.

Because of hunting, habitat destruction, and other human activities, one million species are now threatened with extinction.

“If we ever needed a strong signal from world leaders, for people like you, that we are going to solve this, then this is now,” he said.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson pledged to protect an extra 988,400 acres of countryside in the UK to encourage the recovery of nature, and promised that the government would increase the amount of protected land in the UK by four percent by the end of the decade — from 26 percent to 30 percent.

According to the BBC, following Attenborough’s call, “65 heads of state and government signed a global pledge to reverse losses in the natural world by 2030.”

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