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You Can Take a Giant Slide to Your Gate at the Already Insane Singapore Changi Airport

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by Eben Diskin Jul 10, 2019

Singapore’s Changi Airport might be consistently recognized as the best airport in the world, but it isn’t resting on its laurels. Changi, which already has a massive waterfall and complex of lush gardens, is now adding a slide to its already impressive list of unique features. Normally, getting to your gate is pretty straightforward, if a little mundane. You can trek through the terminal — for what sometimes seems like an eternity — or take the moving sidewalk to speed things up. Either way, it’s pretty boring. Changi, however, is giving passengers the option to slide down to their gate.

One passenger, named Yusuf El Askary, filmed a video of himself using the Terminal 4 slide for the first time. As you can see, he uses his boarding pass to gain access, then slides down in pretty short order.

“I had never seen anything like it at an airport,” he said. “I couldn’t believe it was true until I actually tried it.”

And Askary didn’t even use the airport’s biggest slide, which is located inside Terminal 3. The slide is 39 feet high and spans four stories, from Level 1 to Basement 3.

As you can see in the video, gaining access to either slide requires passengers to scan their boarding pass. There is one catch, however, though it isn’t a big one. To use the slide, you must spend at least $10 at any restaurant or retail shop in the airport. In most airports, that can be accomplished by simply buying a bag of nuts.

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