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It's Snowing in Paris and Locals Are Having a Blast

Paris Ski and Snow
by Henry Miller Feb 8, 2018

Parisians have not had the easiest of winters. Last month, heavy downpours resulted in near-catastrophic flooding up and down the Seine. Just a few weeks later, the City of Lights is facing a blizzard and the freezing temperatures that come with it. But at least some locals are making the best of this uncommon snowfall by taking pictures and doing silly things on Instagram.

For starters, Parisians want us to know that their city is just as beautiful in a snowstorm as it is any other time of the year.

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And that they had the perfect clothes to wear for the occasion (of course)…

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And that a little snow won’t stop them reminding us that they are the art capital of the world on every street corner.

Apart from the spontaneous snowball fights, Parisians are finding new ways to have fun on their city’s streets.

And while they do have a thing or two to learn about building proper snowmen…

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You gotta hand it to them for making the most out of the crappy winter they’ve been dealt this year.

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