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How to Speak Pennsylvanian in 10 Easy Steps

by Ryan Dury Jan 24, 2018

1. Crick

This is where we go fishing.

2. Loyer

The person who defends you in court.

3. Neck-store neighbor

Love them or hate them, they live neck-store to you.

4. Lite-nin bug

These are the best to catch on a cool summer night.

5. PA

It’s not Pennsylvania. It’s “PA” (pronounced pee-ay).

6. Chock-lit bunny

My favorite thing about Easter!

7. Spicket

You use this and a hose to fill up the pool.

8. Yuge

“Look at the size of this fish I caught, it’s YUGE!”

9. Q-Pons

Every Pennsylvanian grandmother loves them.

10. Realitter

You call one of these when you’re ready to buy a house.

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