St. Lucia's Jade Mountain Resort: What You Need to Know to Visit

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by Ashley Welton Oct 11, 2017

JADE MOUNTAIN RESORT on the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia is one of the most romantic retreats in the world, but it’s not just for honeymooning couples. The resort was built to seamlessly incorporate its natural surroundings; so they built the rooms without a fourth wall. St. Lucia is a volcanic island (with a drive-in volcano) and is more mountainous than the majority of the Caribbean — it almost feels like it belongs in the South Pacific with scenery that Jade Mountain Resort capitalizes on brilliantly.

The resort has 29 luxury suites built into the mountain and terraced over 6 levels. Almost all the rooms have an infinity pool where the fourth wall would normally be — creating one of the most unique hotel experiences in the world.

A sovereign island country on the border of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic ocean, St Lucia was originally colonized by the French, but gained full independence in 1979. And, although the cuisine is a blend of French, East Indian, and British, the official language is English.

Speaking of cuisine, the food at Jade Mountain (and the entire island) is impeccable, and we all know the Caribbean is famous for its rums, but each island has a unique twist. St. Lucia is known for its dark rum with full taste.

If you can manage to tear yourself away from your sanctuary, there’s a lot to do on this tiny island.

How to get there

Jade Mountain Resort will arrange an airport pickup for you, or you can rent a car and drive from either Hewanorra International Airport (which receives flights from North America, UK, and Europe) or George FL Charles Airport (which receives regional flights on prop planes), located in Castries.

What to consider

  • The rooms have no televisions, telephones, or clocks.
  • The Jade Mountain and its sister resort, Anse Chastanet, are 600 acres (including a beach), and guests have full access to all of it.
  • Although you may never want to leave your room, if you do, you can rent mountain bikes, visit the Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens, dive the resort’s scuba center, or drive into a volcano.
  • Use all the mosquito repellent you can find; they’re vicious.
  • Snorkel gear is complimentary.

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