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A “Stranger Things” Corn Maze Is Coming to Indiana

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by Eben Diskin Jul 30, 2018

If you were looking for a reason to visit Lafayette, Indiana (who isn’t?), this Stranger Things-inspired corn maze might just be the excuse you need. This labyrinth, with 10 miles of paths intertwining to form an eerie Stranger Things pattern, is opening on September 14th. The experience comes courtesy of Exploration Acres, a 20-acre farm that runs an annual corn maze and pumpkin patch.

The idea for the design originated with the farm’s co-owner, Tim Fitzgerald, a die-hard fan of show. Capitalizing on the fact that the show takes place in a fictional town in Indiana, Fitzgerald is taking this opportunity to stake Lafayette’s claim as Indiana’s premier Stranger Things town. And of course, Netflix is totally on board with the maze idea. Netflix “loved the idea that it is in Indiana, just like Hawkins,” Fitzgerald told Thrillist.

The maze design features several images from the show, including Eleven and silhouettes of the boys on bikes. To create the sprawling experience, sophisticated GPS equipment was used to plant the field with seeds arranged in the desired patterns.

Tickets to the Stranger Things maze are available here.

H/T: Thrillist

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