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Stray Kitten Rescued From Airport Tarmac Gets Adopted by Airport Employee

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by Eben Diskin Oct 22, 2020

Boeing might sound like a strange name for a kitten, but not when you consider the backstory. A stray kitten was discovered Wednesday wandering the grounds of Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport and has been adopted by one of the airport’s public safety officers.

Kitten rescued at Louisville airport

Photo: FlyLouisville/Twitter

The kitten was rescued by members of the airport operations team, who cleaned it and cared for it overnight. Although the cat’s origins are unknown, crew members found it a new home within just one day, when an employee at the airport offered to adopt it.

Public Safety Officer Wed England adopted a kitten rescued from Louisville airport

Photo: FlyLouisville/Twitter

The airport tweeted, “Our Ops team rescued this stray kitten on the terminal ramp, cleaned it up and cared for it overnight, and the next day one of our Public Safety Officers adopted him! A happy ending for everyone! #Airport Ops to the rescue! #flylouisville #rescue

Wes England, a public safety officer, fittingly named the kitten Boeing. He said to WKLY that his wife and two children are now thoroughly smitten with the new pet. It’s probably not what his family expected when England came home from work that day, but given how cute Boeing is, it’s not surprising the kitten was adopted so quickly or that the family was so eager to welcome the new pet.

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