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Watch: What It's Like to Dine at the Most Expensive Restaurant in the World

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by Olivia Harden May 4, 2022

When traveling the world, there are different levels of dining, from street food to five-star luxury. Some restaurants are setting themselves apart from the luxury market by creating full-on experiences rather than just a place to eat — for a price.

Case in point: Sublimotion, which is the most expensive restaurant in the world. The 20-course tasting menu will run you close to $2000 per person. Since the restaurant opened at Ibiza’s Hard Rock Hotel in 2014, the restaurant has kept busy. For the winter and early spring, the restaurant created a pop-up location at the Mandarin Oriental Jumeira in Dubai. The TikTok account FoodWTF (which stands for Food Worth Traveling For) posted a video documenting the experience.

@foodwtf $2000 immersive dining experience at📍#Sublimotion in #Dubai #UAE 🎥 @user4040771366930 #uniquerestaurant #foodtiktok ♬ Originalton – Chrissy

Sublimotion describes itself as an exclusive and innovative gastronomic performance for 12 diners per night who sit at one large table. Sublimotion is the first dining experience that incorporates audio and visual experiences with performances that are curated to be paired with innovative culinary treats. And while some commenters on the TikTok question if the most expensive restaurant in the world is really worth it, the evening is described as futuristic, avant guarde, and unforgettable for its choreographed service. The head chef and founder Paco Roncero works with a team of 25 people to put it together each night. Guests even receive virtual reality headsets during the meal.

Sublimotion is leaving Dubai on May 4, but don’t worry. If you have $2000 to spend, you can catch the immersive dining experience once it returns to its home in Ibiza for the summer season.

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