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The World's Most Expensive Restaurant Sits in a Hard Rock Hotel in Ibiza

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by Jori Ayers Feb 29, 2024

For those who travel first and foremost for the food, the meals and drinks that carried the largest price tags often stand out among travel memories. Maybe it’s a meal at one of the many expensive destination restaurants worth trying around the world, or a cappuccino topped with 24-karat gold at a luxury hotel in Abu Dhabi. For better or for worse, sky-high prices are part of the appeal.

Nothing, however, can quite compare to Sublimotion, located in Ibiza’s Hard Rock Hotel, which holds the title of the most expensive restaurant in the world.

This immersive restaurant offers a 20-course tasting menu that lasts about three hours. There are just 12 seats, each priced at $2,380 per person, and the experience is characterized as an exclusive and innovative culinary experience that seamlessly integrates audio and visual elements.

Created, founded, and owned by Paco Roncero, Sublimotion’s tasting menu requires 25 individuals to make it all come to life. Guests experience a multi-sensory immersion featuring laser light displays and projection mapping. At specific points, they’re equipped with virtual reality headsets for an added dimension.

Emotions and themes play into each dinner, as do places like the ocean depths or a 20th-century cabaret. When making reservations for the dinner, guests receive an edible ticket and the promise of being part of the rarified few who have the opportunity. But the real question is, is it worth the $2,380 price tag?

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