Photo: Chattanooga Airport/Facebook

This Airport Is the First in the US to Run Fully on Solar Energy

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by Eben Diskin Jul 24, 2019

Airports probably are not usually thought to be the most energy-efficient institutions out there, but this Tennessee airport is trying to change that. Chattanooga Airport has become the first airport in the United States to operate solely on renewable energy, after the completion of its solar farm. The farm consists of 12 acres of photovoltaic panels, and generates 2.64 megawatts of electricity.

As part of the $10 million project, the airport has also introduced green initiatives like LED-certified facilities, a stormwater system, green infrastructure, and electric car charging stations, all to further reduce its carbon footprint, reported Lonely Planet.

Chattanooga is the first airport in the US to operate solely on renewable energy, but it’s certainly not the first in the world. According to Yale Environment 360, Cochin International Airport in Kerala, India, became the first in 2015.

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