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The 16 Side Effects of Traveling With Kids

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by Elizabeth Penney Jan 3, 2018

Traveling with kids is one of the most rewarding parts of parenthood. Whether a brief jaunt to a local amusement park or an overseas adventure, travel provides experiences that your children will never forget. But along with the wholesome family memories, traveling with kids can also bring challenges.

Following are 16 things that undoubtedly will happen to you when traveling with kids.

1. You’ll spend a lot of time planning.


Or trying to avoid inevitable disappointment or disaster.

2. You’ll undoubtedly overpack.


But you can manage a pack of kids, you’ve more than got it.

3. You’ll feel as though you’ve forgotten something.


Passport? Check. Money? Check. Kids?

4. Your children will get tired of traipsing through airports.


Looks like the melatonin has kicked in.

5. And they’ll forget common courtesy.


This child should be quarantined. She’s obviously rabid.

6. You’ll want to celebrate or run as soon as they doze off.


Have the doors closed?

7. At one point or another, your kids will have a complete meltdown.


I brought him here, but no one says I have to bring him home.

8. But it’s nothing a quick nap won’t solve, and thankfully, kids can sleep anywhere if they’re tired enough.


This is only the third strangest place he’s fallen asleep.

9. Naptime means mom and dad finally get a break.


We should take advantage of the peace and quiet and take a nap as well. J/K! Let’s drink!

10. Sometimes the unexpected happens.


Well, unexpected to her. Mom saw that one coming.

11. But sometimes things do go as planned.


Thanks for making the rest of us look bad. Showoffs!

13. The kids won’t always be open to trying new things.


“Am I supposed to eat that? It doesn’t even have a wrapper!”

14. But they’ll appreciate all the organization and saving that’s gone into the trip.


This is awesome…

15. You’ll find your own way of getting by.



16. And besides, you’re making precious family memories.


It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.

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