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10 Things Wisconsin Does Better Than the Rest of the US

by Sarah Puckett Mar 11, 2019

While Wisconsinites are great at being humble, we’re also quick at pointing out that we are just better than the rest of the country at some things. We don’t mean to be cocky, but here are 10 abilities, aside from our standout humility, that Wisconsinites are better at than the rest of the United States.

1. Withstanding the cold

A skill born of necessity, the ability to live in a place where winter can last for six months and actually enjoy it is one of our greatest talents. We’ve mastered knowing how many layers to wear for any temperature, and we are experts in great winter activities like ice fishing, snowmobiling, and walking to the nearest pub at record speeds, despite being so bundled up that we can hardly bend our limbs.

2. A high tolerance to booze

Wisconsinites have a seemingly innate tolerance for high quantities of alcohol, probably because everything feels warmer after a drink. Or maybe it’s because the rest of the country is relying on us to keep on fighting for the first spot in the ranking for the US state that drinks the most alcohol (we’re currently second behind North Dakota).

3. Crafting cheese

We’re known as America’s Dairyland for a reason. Not only do we craft the best cheddars and mozzarellas in the country, but we’ve also invented cheese curds. To the rest of the US: You’re welcome.

4. Supporting our sports teams

If wearing a foam block of cheese on your head isn’t fandom for your sports team, then I don’t know what is.

5. Brewing local beer

With more than 200 breweries across the state, there’s no denying our affinity for recipes of barley, hops, and water. And given the number of people who drive in from other states to pick up their favorite only-in-Wisconsin brews, it’s safe to say we’re really good at it.

6. Cooking brats

We all know that the most important step is boiling the brat in beer before putting it on the grill. Yes, we can taste the difference. No, hot dogs don’t count.

7. Driving in the snow

We’ve had ample opportunity to practice this one, and as a result, we’re our out-of-state friends’ first choice to drive when we need to get somewhere in a snowstorm. We might slide into the ditch occasionally, but there’s always someone with a truck and tow strap joyriding in the snow and ready to pull us out.

8. Embracing our quirks

I dare you to find something quirkier than House on the Rock or Dr. Evermore’s Forevertron. We know they’re weird, and we make no attempt to hide it.

9. Relaxing on the lake

Move over Minnesotans. We have at least 5,000 more lakes than you, and, therefore, that means many more opportunities to fish, swim, kayak, and sail, usually with a cooler of ice-cold beer.

10. Being Midwest nice

We’ll buy coffee for the person behind us in line, and we’ll always help a confused-looking visitor find their way. Even more likely, we’ll even invite them over for brats and burgers later that day.

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