Photo: Tokyo 2020

The Beds in Tokyo’s Athletes Village Will Be Made of Cardboard

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by Eben Diskin Jan 10, 2020

An Olympic Athletes Village is probably the best Tinder location in the entire world. Putting hundreds of the world’s fittest, most athletic people in a village together for three weeks sounds more like the premise of a reality dating show and not exactly the best environment for focusing on winning a gold medal. But at this year’s Summer Olympics in Tokyo, athletes may want to think twice before getting into shenanigans and hopping into bed with one another. Because those beds will be made of cardboard.

Photo: Tokyo 2020

Built alongside Tokyo Bay, this year’s village will be composed of 21 apartment towers and 18,000 beds. Takashi Kitajima, the general manager of the Athletes Village, said, “Those beds can stand up to 200 kilograms. They are stronger than wooden beds. Of course, wood and cardboard would each break if you jumped on them.”

Sure. Jumped.

The cardboard concept was employed in an effort to be more sustainable. When the games are over, the bed frames will be recycled into paper products and the mattresses recycled into plastic products. It’s the first time that beds and bedding in the Athletes Village have been made of renewable materials.

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