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Track the Mars Rover in Real Time With This Interactive Solar System Map

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by Tim Wenger Aug 25, 2020

You may never actually set foot on the Red Planet, but a new interactive tool from NASA is the next best thing. With it, you can track the live location of satellites, moons, comets, and more space objects throughout our solar system, in real time.

The NASA/JPL Eyes tool is the closest most of us will ever get to outer space, and the insight it offers is captivating and will conjure wonder. The tool’s main function is to allow users to zoom in on a planet, spacecraft, or moon, and learn about missions and research related to it. Take, for example, the Opportunity Rover — NASA’s most legendary ATV to ever roam the surface of Mars. It sent back photos and data for 15 years before being retired in 2018. Now, you can see exactly where it worked and see some of its coolest photos.

Currently on Mars is the Curiosity Rover, also known as Mars Science Lab (MSL), and you can track its progress as it studies the ancient habitability and the potential for life there.

You’ll also be able to track the Mars 2020 rover in real time as it hurtles through space toward its future home, where it will look for signs of ancient life (we’re keeping our fingers crossed for this one!).

The tool reaches beyond Mars to track the entire inner solar system. You can zoom in on Venus and learn about its “runaway greenhouse effect” or on Halley’s Comet as it rushes through the unknown.

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