Finally, the Instagram community is putting those hashtags to use for real, positive change, rather than just likes and comments. The popular #trashtag has been making the rounds recently, used by people sharing before-and-after photos of public cleanup projects at locations all across the world, from the US to India.


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Not only does the #trashtag challenge get people involved in their community and bring awareness of the amount of waste created and not dealt with properly, but it also takes them out in nature — a significant benefit considering we all spend too much time inside, being inactive and staring at our screens.

The #trashtag challenge was originally aimed at young people, but you’re never too old to do a good deed. Also, let’s be honest, there are very few things as satisfying as cleaning up a place that desperately needed it — Marie Kondo will back us up on this.


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Whether it’s a whole team of good Samaritans or just a solo cleanup job, these dramatic photos show that you do have the power to make a difference in your community, so let your inner neat freak out and get cleaning for a good cause.

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