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This Travel App Wants to Help Frequent Fliers Hook Up

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by Matthew Meltzer Feb 19, 2019

Maybe Delta had it right with those napkins after all.

Since a new study from HSBC found that one in 50 travelers finds love on an airplane, it seems perhaps scrawling your digits on a branded cocktail napkin and slipping it to a sexy stranger isn’t such an impossible play.

Along those same lines, App in the Air — a travel app designed to help frequent fliers do things like estimate TSA wait times and get real-time fight updates — is also getting into the in-flight hookup game. The seven-year-old app is promoting a feature allowing fliers to see who else is on their flight, in their airport, or at their destination. It allows said fliers to then message each other in hopes that they too will find a love connection while wandering aimlessly through the skies.

No promises that love connection won’t have a family in Chicago you’re uncomfortably confronted with during a grand romantic gesture. But in theory, it seems like an inventive way to find love.

The sequence works like this: Before your flight, you can log in and see other app users on your plane, or who’ll be in the airport the same time you are. You’ll be able to see all sorts of personal information about those people that was completely unacceptable to know about a stranger 10 years ago, like their job, home country, and how many hours they’d spent in the air that year. If they look like a suitable person to kill a layover with, you’ll be prompted to hit them up with pre-programed ice breakers like “Let’s grab a coffee?”

Or if you’ve got dating app game like MJ, feel free to use your own opening line. Just be aware that App in the Air can be screenshot without your knowing, and you’d hate to end up as a viral, frequent-flying douche.

Assuming they respond, you can message back and forth like on any app, ideally finding a mutually agreeable place to meet for coffee. Or whatever. You hit it off, agree to meet up in Denver next Wednesday, and eventually live happily ever after.

Hey, people have met stranger ways.

Of course, your dating pool here is limited to other people using the app, which isn’t exactly as ubiquitous as Snapchat. And you may run the risk of awkwardly sitting next to someone who just totally ignored your DM for the next five hours. But if you truly do travel fearlessly, this travel app may be your new friend. Or, at least, give you a better way to break the ice than a cocktail napkin.

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