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14 Amazon Buys Under $20 That Make Solo Women Travelers Safer

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by Matador Creators Sep 23, 2022

Solo travel, regardless of how you identify, can be daunting. A rickety Airbnb lock can lead to broken sleep. Keeping a watchful eye over your hand luggage in a packed airport restroom is downright painful. And navigating unknown streets puts a real downer on a nice evening out. Investing in essential travel safety gear in addition to a good travel pack is an easy way to reduce the likelihood of your vacation being ruined. And although you can’t put a price on your safety, here’s a shopping list of the best deals on Amazon to keep you and your belongings secure.

We hope you love the travel safety gear we recommend. Just so you know, Matador may collect a small commission from the links on this page if you decide to purchase. Listed prices are accurate as of the time of publication.

1. Portable door lock — $11.99

Photo courtesy of AceMining

The niggling thought of “who else has keys?” is downright awful. Although we hope you’re never in a situation where you feel uneasy in your vacation rental, it does no harm to be extra careful. This portable door lock, is affordable and provides you with that little extra security. It’s super easy to install and remove and requires no tools — or real brain power. The lock is universal and fits all types of door.

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2. Money belt — $14.59

Photo courtesy of Moko

Regardless of whether or not you still carry cash — or traveler’s checks — money belts provide peace of mind during transit and when you’d rather not leave your passport or cards in your accommodation. This belt has three separate pockets, is super lightweight, and blocks all RFID transmissions — so your cards are 100 percent secure. It has an adjustable belt and non-slip backing so you can be rest assured it will stay snug.

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3. Door stoppers — £13.99

Photo courtesy of EMDMAK

Along with a portable lock, a second backup, or alternative option is a door stopper. This pack of two are multifunctional. They act as a basic stopper and an alarm. The alarm system can be set to three sensitivity levels, low, medium, and high. Note the 9V battery is not included, but reviews state the battery life for these simple gadgets is decent.

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4. Personal alarm — $8.99

Photo courtesy of Hacoon

A personal alarm might seem drastic. But again, for under $10, there’s no harm in investing and popping it in your handbag or pocket. There are many models on the market, but we love this alarm because it’s compact and comes in three different colors; rose gold, black, and metallic purple. They also have a pack of five for $22.99, if you want to equip your group or family. They are very easy to opportate. All you need to do is pull the pin. It also comes with a LED flashlight.

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5. Safety whistle — $7.99

Photo courtesy of LuxoGear

If the thought of pulling a pin on a personal alarm, or the fear of an alarm going off in your pocket, puts you off the above, consider buying a bog-standard whistle. These are advertised as lifeguard whistles, but they do the trick, regardless of the emergency situation. They come in a pack of two and have a handy lanyard. Sometimes, going back to basics is a sensible way to go with personal security.

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6. Portable safe — $17.49

Photo courtesy of Master Lock

Often when drifting off to sleep on a flight or busy train, it crosses my mind that I’m just not being as safe as I could be with my valuables. Although a moneybelt can handle smaller items, bulky personal belongings like your watch, phone, or headphones would be better kept in a larger secured box. This portable safe is made from shock-absorbing foam, is water resistant, and has an opening for a charging cable. All you need to do is set a four-digit code and you can nod off.

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7. Bra wallet — $12.40

Photo courtesy of Yoyi Yoyi

A bra wallet is a genius idea, and let’s face it a heck of a lot more secure than stuffing notes or your cell between your bosoms. This discreet wallet is stylish, has built-in RFID-blocking materials, and is made from an ultra-soft spandex material. It comes in two colors; black and light pink.

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8. First aid kit — $14.89

Photo courtesy of I Go

A first aid kit is an obvious purchase, but we’ve included this package because of its affordability and because it has everything you need. The 85-piece kit comes with the essentials for treating common cuts, scrapes, minor aches and injuries. It’s also small and super lightweight, making it perfect for taking on hiking or backpacking trips.

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9. Card blocking sleeves — $9.99

Photo courtesy of Boxiki Travel

We’ve already listed a couple of great products that have RFID-blocking technology but these card sleeves are awesome if you don’t want to carry a lot and nip out to the shops. Sadly we should all be protecting our card details and identity regardless of whether we are traveling overseas. These sleeves come in two color shades and for $9.99 you get a sweet pack of 12.

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10. Dry bag — $10.99

Photo courtesy of HEETA

This five-liter drybag is so handy to have on the road. It rolls into a compact space, ideal for stuffing at the bottom of your day bag, just in case you need an extra layer of protection for your valuables in wet conditions. The straps are multi-functional and adjustable, which means you can sling it over your shoulder or wear as a backpack.

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11. TSA-approved locks — $13.95

Photo courtesy of Sure Lock

Traveling with TSA-approved locks are a staple. This pack of two are one of the most popular and durable on the market. The tough alloy coating protects the body from rough baggage transit and they are super simple to set your personalized combination. Having the peace of mind that not only your luggage is secure, but if TSA has inspected your item, you’ll be notified by the button that pops out of the top of the cable lock.

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12. Anti-theft shoulder bag — $16.99

Photo courtesy of Osoce

If you are looking for something a little larger than a money belt, but still require a higher level of security than a standard handbag, consider purchasing an anti-theft bag. These are great because they sit close to your person, they have multiple pockets, and can be worn in various ways. Ideal if you are nipping out for a jog or bike ride, the shoulder bags also come with that all-important RFID-blocking technology.

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13. Scarf with hidden pocket — $10.99

Photo courtesy of Pop Fashion

I’ve seen a lot of friends in Europe casually reaching into their scarfs to grab their cell, and I’m still to purchase one of these genius inventions. Not only are they stylish but you can avoid carrying a bag altogether. These scarfs come in nine different patterns and colors. Talk about functional fashion.

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14. Light-up arm bracelets

Photo courtesy of BSEEN

Super important for anyone who loves an early morning run in winter, or if you are walking home alone at night, these LED safety armbands offer high visibility. They are lightweight, come in various colors, have an easy release buckle, and fit all.

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