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A Traveler Lost Their Passport and Reddit Came to the Rescue. Here’s What Happened.

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by Morgane Croissant Apr 6, 2018

A traveler’s biggest fear is to lose their passport, especially when abroad. It leaves you with no other option than canceling plans and spending an awful lot of time and money rescheduling.

That’s what reddit user bibimbopbop thought she’d have to go through last weekend when she forgot her passport in her hotel in Kyoto. She was in Tokyo, expecting to fly out of Japan at 6:30 PM that day when she realized her mistake. The situation looked grim.

In a desperate attempt to save her travel plans, she took to the Japan Travel subreddit and explained her situation:

Hello, being a complete idiot I left my passport in Kyoto at a hotel and now I have a flight from Tokyo narita at 630pm. Is there anyone that happens to be coming back to Tokyo in the next few hours that I could meet at the airport or anywhere in Tokyo?
Such a long shot but I would eternally grateful and willing to compensate!!”

And, as luck would have it, someone answered the traveler’s cry for help. Reddit user OneForkShort responded, ready to take action and help this traveler in trouble:

“What hotel. I’m in Osaka with nothing to do today and I feel like an adventure.”

After he got the info he needed from bibimbopbop, he hopped on a train to Kyoto, picked up the passport, and took another train to Tokyo while keeping the Reddit community in the loop about his progress and posting photos of his adventure on Instagram.

Both users were cutting it close, so everyone participating in that reddit thread was on the edge of their seat. But thanks to Japan’s incredibly efficient transportation system, OneForkShort made it on time to deliver the precious document.

Delivery Complete!

A post shared by @ oneforkshort on

Although he saved a traveler a lot of hassle and money, OneForkShort remains humble about the whole situation.

“I really had nothing else to do that day, and someone needed help. It’s that simple,” he explained to Travel + Leisure. “This was seriously just a routine errand in my book, No biggie at all.”

Bibimbopbop did not hold back on OneForkShort’s selfless behavior:

[…] passport hero, a million heartfelt thanks – I can’t believe you would do something so kind for someone you’ve never even met!!! I intend to pay it forward!!

All’s well that ends well.

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