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10 Couples Who Will Inspire You to Hit the Road With Your Other Half

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by Katie Scott Aiton Jan 5, 2021

Traveling with your partner can be one of the most rewarding experiences in a relationship. From planning the trip to sharing somewhere new, so many of our best memories of our loved one is taken from on the road. For most of us, these adventures are not as often as we would like, but there are some couples who have made the choice to make travel a lifestyle. It might not always be as glamorous as their Instagram accounts suggest, but these couples below offer some really great tips on how they make this all possible. From those who opt for seeing the world from their van to those who have managed to monetize their travels, here are 10 couples who will inspire you to hit the road with your other half.

1. Chantal and Vernan of RezRoads

Chantal and Veran converted a 2018 Ford Transit van and live and work remotely on Navajo Nation land with their six dogs. Their Instagram is informative, sharing their life outdoors and public places in their native homeland. “We were drawn to that life of always being on the road, always being outdoors,” Chantal tells Matador Network. One of the hopes of the couple is to preserve Navajo culture and the language of their ancestors, and they do so by storytelling through their platform. The couple also works with Natives Outdoors, an organization that supports Indigenous people through selling Native products and through education.

2. Abigale and Natalie of Let’s Play Ride and Seek

Abigale and Natalie met six years ago and have been vanlifers since they got married a couple of years ago. They have been traveling around North America with their two dogs, Bear and Peluche, who are adorable. Their Instagram is inspiring, and that is one of their missions — to remind us that you can have the life you want and deserve. Their blog has travel tips, recipes, and some great honest guidelines for vanlifers. Abi is a photographer by trade and runs her business remotely from the van.

3. Yuko and Eric of Asobo Life

Yuko and Eric are another vanlife couple that is currently en route to Argentina from Canada. They’re originally from Japan and Hong Kong but decided to sell everything and travel full-time in 2018. Their site, Asobo Life, is a great resource if you are considering vanlife as they cover everything from how to build and kit out a vehicle to the finances you need to fund the lifestyle. Their Instagram is aesthetically pleasing and fun, and it’s worth looking back through their account if you are interested in the journey down the coast of the Americas.

4. Karl and Daan of Couple of Men

Karl and Daan are professional travel bloggers touching on subjects such as gay-friendly hotels, restaurants, and bars, and they have super informative gay-travel city guides for the places they have visited. The blog, Couple of Men, also has sections on gay rights, listing out sound resources for gay travelers and offering detailed information on events such as Pride, Gay Ski Weeks, and cruises. Their Instagram documents their travels from places such as Japan, Iceland, Peru, Colombia, Sweden, and the US.

5. Monet and James of The Traveling Child

The Hambrick family consists of Monet, James, Jordyn, and Kennedy, who live by the motto, “If kids live there kids can visit.” The family travels to many places that most might not think are kid-friendly. As well as being super inspiring, the blog, The Traveling Child, offers tips on affordable family travel, advice about how to travel with children in tow, and international destination guides. Their Instagram is engaging, ridiculously cute, and worth a follow if you’d like to see the world one day with your family.

6. Camile and Jean of Backpack Diariez

Belgian couple Camile and Jean started their blog a couple of years back after quitting their jobs in London to backpack South America for five months. They have been jetting around the world ever since and share their stories with their 365k followers on Instagram. If you have an interest in how to monetize your social media account or blog, Backpack Diariez is a good place to start as the couple runs a range of courses from photo editing to how to build a successful Instagram account.

7. Laura and Camrin of Free Wheel Drive

Laura and Camrin hail from Milwaukee and have been traveling around North America in a Jeep Grand Cherokee named Tina with a rooftop tent since 2018. Living a sustainable lifestyle is super important to this couple, and they funded a lot of their travels through working on farms around the US. The blog, Free Wheel Drive, has some great tips on hiking in and around the national parks and advice on how to start a life living on the road. Through Instagram, the couple documents their journey from places such as The Grand Canyon to a farm in Arizona.

8. Tina and Cederique of Our Next Location

Vloggers Tina and Cederique met in Belgium in 2017 and have been sharing their travels on their YouTube channel Our Next Location. One of their recent videos offers up their tips on how to keep a relationship healthy, especially on the road. The couple sadly had to cut a recent trip to Japan short due to the pandemic, but their Instagram feed remains busy with inspiring stories from past trips.

9. Amirah and Jarrell of Indefinite Honeymoon

This lovely couple has been documenting their travels since 2013. Full-time writer Amirah and artist Jarrell currently live in Bali and have both started companies that support their lifestyle and journeys. Their site, Indefinite Honeymoon, is a great resource for learning about how to work online — and make money — and Amirah’s Instagram might make you a little jealous if you are sitting at home, but it is a beautiful distraction.

10. Rox and Maartje of Once Upon a Journey

Rox and Maartje are currently based in Amsterdam due to the pandemic but started traveling full-time in 2017. The couple is a great resource for lesbians who want to travel, and they make a stance to visit countries regardless if they are well-documented as being LGBTQ-friendly. Together they have visited 45 countries and have cataloged their journey on their Instagram, sharing stories and advice for the LGBTQ community. Their blog Once Upon a Journey has a nice section of interviews with other lesbian travelers, which is worth checking out.

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