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Here’s Where 48 of Your Favorite TV Homes Were Actually Filmed

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by Matthew Meltzer Mar 9, 2020

The running joke with Friends is that no 20-somethings in New York could ever afford that apartment. Of course, we’ve got no way to prove that, since the “apartment” was actually a sound stage, and there’s not exactly a Zillow listing for fictional addresses. But many shows shot their exterior shots at real live homes that you can go drive by and annoy the current occupants today. Many of which are valued at a lot more than their fictional occupants could ever afford. HomeAdvisor did some digging and found the locations of 48 of our favorite TV homes that might be worth stopping by for a selfie if you’re in town.

And please, just keep it to a selfie. If the owners of Walter White’s house have to scrape one more pizza off their roof…

Editor’s note: You may see a few other homes marked on the map from The Simpsons, Rick & Morty, Bojack Horseman and Family Guy. We omitted those from the list since, ya know, they’re cartoons.

1. Arrested Development — Bluth home
23155 Dolorosa Street, Woodland Hills, California

Though the Bluth Family home at Sudden Valley — the barren Newport Beach subdivision — appeared to be a model home set in the middle of nothing, the actual house is quite the opposite. Set far from the beach in Woodland Hills, this house was used for both exterior and interior shots for the show’s pilot. Interior shots were done on a sound stage for subsequent episodes.

2. Beverly Hillbillies — Beverly Hillbillies mansion
750 Bel Air Road, Los Angeles, California

You would need a whole lot of black gold, Texas tea, or whatever it is Jed and the gang found bubbling up from the ground to buy their fictional house in Bel Air. The Chartwell Mansion, built in the 1930s, is among the most expensive private homes in America, selling for $180 million last December. It sits on 10 acres overlooking the Pacific Ocean and downtown Los Angeles

3. Beverly Hills 90210 — Walsh residence
1675 E Altadena Drive, Altadena, California

“Altadena, 91001” just would not have had the same ring to it, we suppose, which is probably part of why producers set this Mediterranean revival home in Beverly Hills instead of its true location. Despite being far from America’s most famous zip code, this four-bedroom, four-bathroom home is still valued at a little over $2 million.

4. Big Little Lies — Mackenzie home
30760 Broad Beach Road, Malibu, California

If you and your crew are Big Little Lies die-hards, perhaps plan your next weekend getaway to Malibu, where you can rent out Madeleine’s fictional Monterey home for $5,000 a night. The show was shot both inside and outside the house, so you can recreate your favorite scenes for the ‘gram. Or just enjoy sweeping ocean views from one of six main-house bedrooms.

5. Black-ish — Johnson residence
4175 Stansbury Lane, Sherman Oaks, California

Black-ish is meant to take place in Pennsylvania, but the Johnson home we’ve come to know and love over the course of the show is actually in Sherman Oaks, California. Moreover, the home used in the pilot was in a different location, at 1640 Lombardy Road in Pasadena.

6. Breaking Bad — White residence
3828 Piedmont Drive, Albuquerque, New Mexico

When the Quintana family got a knock on their door over 15 years ago offering them a nice chunk of cash to film a little AMC show at their home, they had no idea it would completely change the way they’ve lived. Thousands of tourists and dozens of roof-tossed pizzas later, the older couple has built a fence around the property alongside signs asking people to take all pictures from across the street.

7. Buffy the Vampire Slayer — Summers residence
1313 Cota Avenue, Torrance, California

This Southern California bungalow-style craftsman home was the site of many of the show’s most memorable moments. Like so many homes it’s not anywhere near Sunnyvale but rather hundreds of miles away in suburban Torrance.

8. Charmed — Halliwell manor
1329 Carroll Street, Los Angeles, California

Though this narrow, bright-red Victorian might seem painfully San Francisco, the home of the Halliwell sisters is actually in Los Angeles, between Echo Park and Dodger Stadium. It’s currently one of three homes in the area held by the LA Conservancy, built in the 1880s for city councilman and real estate developer Daniel Innes and later used in Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

9. Desperate Housewives — Solis house (and Wisteria Lane)
Universal Studios Hollywood

The seemingly nondescript suburban street that served as the backdrop for the scheming housewives of Wisteria Lane also appeared in The Burbs, The Munsters, Gremlins, Psycho, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Though it’s not an actual city address, you can see it as part of the backlot tour when you visit the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park.

10. Dexter — Dexter’s apartment
1155 103rd St. Apt 10A, Bay Harbor Islands, Florida

Low-rise, waterfront apartments in Miami are fewer and fewer these days, as older buildings like the one Dexter lived in are torn down for highrises. That said, the Bay Harbor Club just north of Miami Beach is still there, and you can own a piece of TV history for under $200,000.

11. Everybody Loves Raymond — Ray Barrone’s house
135 Margaret Lane, Merrick, New York

Though it wasn’t in Lynbrook, Ray and Debra Barrone’s house is in another quintessentially Long Island locale in Merrick. It is also, literally, directly across the street from Frank and Marie’s house, one of the better doses of location scouting accuracy in TV history.

12. Family Matters — Winslow house
1516 W Wrightwood Avenue, Chicago, Illinois

Driving around Chicago it seems like nearly every neighborhood could be home to the Winslows and their charmingly nerdy neighbor Steve. But this home in Lincoln Park actually doesn’t exist anymore, replaced by a condo building and a plaque giving tribute to the show.

13. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air — Banks residence
251 N Bristol Avenue, Los Angeles, California

Uncle Phil and Aunt Viv’s home is one of the more-visited and best-known filming locales in Los Angeles, though it doesn’t actually sit in Bel Air but rather just north of Sunset Blvd. in Brentwood Park. The house is currently valued at $9 million and is a short walk from the Thomas Mann house, among other famous homes.

14. Friday Night Lights — Coach Taylor’s house
6805 De Paul Cove, Austin, Texas

The fictional small town of Dillon is actually all Austin, including this modest 1967 ranch home that serves as the residence for Coach Taylor. It sits in the University Hills neighborhood and is a perfect example of the types of houses one might find in the area.

15. Full House — Tanner house
1709 Broderick Street, San Francisco, California

Imagine, if you will, a single dad who does local news and has three kids owning a house in Pacific Heights. Up there with the apartment from Friends in terms of suspension of disbelief, we know, but Danny Tanner’s house is in one of the most expensive parts of America’s most expensive city, not far from the Painted Ladies in Alamo Park (which you may recognize from the show’s opening sequence). Today, it’s valued at $5.5 million and is constantly mobbed with tourists.

16. Gilmore Girls — Lorelei and Rory’s house
Warner Brothers Studios, Burbank, California

Though Gilmore Girls fans flock each spring to Kent, Connecticut, each October for the annual Gilmore Girls Fanfest, Stars Hollow is actually nowhere near there. The homes that served as the exteriors are on the Warner Brothers Studios lot in Burbank, which is open to tours all year round. Better yet, you can also visit other Stars Hollow locales, such as Miss Patty’s dance studio, the exterior of Luke’s, and the famous gazebo.

17. Golden Girls — Blanche’s house
241 N. Saltair Avenue, Los Angeles, California

Though this Brentwood home made a solid stand-in for South Florida, the original exterior sits just off Sunset Blvd. in Southern California. It was only used for shots during the first season, however, when producers built a studio replica. That house, which was once part of the Disney Hollywood studios backlot tour, has since been torn down, but the original still stands.

18. How to Get Away with Murder — Keating house
1130 W 27th Street, Los Angeles, California

The late-19th-century Victorian architecture made this a perfect home for a Philadelphia-based show, but in reality, it sits just a few blocks from frat row at the University of Southern California. The massive 3,108-square foot home has five bedrooms and three bathrooms and is currently valued at $1.4 million, a smidge more than the $150,000 the current owner paid in 1994.

19. Jane the Virgin — Villanueva residence
580 N. Beachwood Drive, Hollywood, California

The Art Deco, Spanish Colonial mish-mosh of architecture makes a good facsimile of a Hialeah casita, an ideal locale for multiple generations to cohabitate like so many families in Miami. This house was built in 1923 and lies about half a block south of Sunset Blvd. in the heart of Hollywood.

20. Mad Men — Draper residence
675 Arden Road, Pasadena, California

Though Don Draper’s foreboding red door was a shining symbol of his character, in real life the door is actually blue and had to be repainted when shooting each season. If you make a pilgrimage to the Draper home, make sure to look across the street when you get there, and you might recognize Steve Martin’s house from Father of the Bride.

21. Malcolm in the Middle — Wilkerson residence
12334 Cantura Street, Studio City, California

Consider the differing fates of Bryan Cranston’s two most famous TV homes: While the folks who owned the Breaking Bad house have had to install iron gates and security cameras, the family who got upwards of $5,000 an episode to shoot Malcolm in the Middle used their profits for major remodels and a new roof. And that was just for shooting exteriors!

22. Married…with Children — Bundy residence
641 Castlewood Lane, Deerfield, Illinois

There was a meme floating around recently with a picture of this two-story Colonial revival style home captioned, “In 1987, a man working as a shoe salesman could support a family and still own a home like this.” Oh how times have changed, as the old Bundy house is now currently valued at $464,000 and last sold for $320,000 the year after Married…with Children wrapped.

23. Mindhunter — Tench residence
Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania

Though no specific address was found for Agent Tench’s house, the exteriors were shot in Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania. The TV-show effect apparently hasn’t affected pricing in Mt. Lebanon quite as much as it has elsewhere, either, as another home used in shooting, clocking in at four bedrooms, recently sold for a reasonably $142,900.

24. Modern Family — Dunphy residence
10336 Dunleer Drive, Los Angeles, California

Only in Los Angeles can a realtor justify jacking up the price of a house because the new owners will be able to charge TV producers to film there. Such was the case with Phil and Claire’s home went on the market recently for a staggering $2.35 million.

25. Murder, She Wrote — Jessica Fletcher’s house
45110 Little Lake Street, Mendocino, California

It seems only appropriate that one of the most famously quaint New England TV homes is actually a bed and breakfast on Little Lake Street. Cabot Cove’s most famous home is the Blair House, an 1888 Victorian in Mendocino where you can stay for as little as $120 a night. Though if you want to shell out for the two-bedroom Angela’s Suite, it’ll cost you $210 on weekends.

26. Ozark — Byrde residence
6802 Gaines Ferry Road, Flowery Branch, Georgia

If you were trying to hide from your former life as a money launderer for Mexican drug cartels, you’d likely choose a house with no visible address set on a rural lake surrounded by forest land. That’s exactly this house about an hour from Atlanta, where the address listed is actually the closest known address to the property. That said, the feds and cartels can probably find you anywhere, especially in a house with floor-to-ceiling glass windows.

27. Parenthood — Braverman residence
1956 La France Road, Pasadena, California

It’s a good thing Zeek, Camille, and their four kids didn’t occupy this Pasadena craftsman home that served as the exterior for their Berkeley abode. The original was built in 1910, and though the four-bedroom house sold for $1.28 million in 2012, it has only one bathroom.

28. Parks and Recreation — Leslie Knope’s house
2358 Highland Avenue, Altadena California

Though this 1910 craftsman house looked reasonable for a civil servant in Pawnee, Indiana, we can only assume that a four-bedroom, two-bath, 2,374 square-foot house would have cost less than the $1.2 million the Altadena original sold for in 2006.

29. Party of Five — Salinger residence
2311 Broadway Street, San Francisco, California

Five kids fending for themselves could fend pretty well in this house, a three-story home with a greenhouse, solarium, four-car garage, stained-glass windows, and an elevator. Filling the plot holes as to how they’d manage the mortgage on a $6.5 million San Francisco home might be a little difficult though.

30. Pretty Little Liars — Aria’s house
1990 W 19th Avenue, Vancouver, British Columbia

Just like on the show, Aria and Alison Delaurentis are across-the-street neighbors in real life, as this Vancouver home sits directly across from the one used as A’s. If you try and visit, though, you’ll find it looks a lot different than it did on the show, as the house has been repainted, the roofline moved, and the windows replaced. More Pretty Little Liars filming locations can be seen on the same Warner Bros. studio tour as the Gilmore Girls locations.

31. Riverdale — Cooper residence
111 Queens Avenue, New Westminster, British Columbia

The aerial shot of Riverdale you see at the show’s opening is not on a river at all but rather on the shores of Lake Michigan in Harbor Springs, Michigan. Even more deceptive, that’s the only part of the show not filmed in Canada, as the rest was shot in and around Vancouver. This house is in suburban New Westminster, near homes used in Charmed, Supernatural, and The Millionaires Club.

32. Sabrina the Teenage Witch — Spellman manor
64 E Main Street, Freehold, New Jersey

Freehold, New Jersey, is rich in celebrity lore, as this stunning Victorian home sits only a few blocks away from where Bruce Springsteen grew up. The building used as fictional Westbridge High also has some celeb history: Dwight Morrow High, in Englewood about an hour away, boasts famous alums John Travolta and Sarah Jessica Parker.

33. Shameless — Gallagher residence
2119 Homan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois

While many houses on this list sit in million-dollar neighborhoods in big, expensive cities, the Gallagher home sits in the southside of Chicago and is neither remarkable nor glamorous. You’ll find a donation jar on the front porch for those looking to take selfies in front.

34. Six Feet Under — Fisher residence
2302 W 25th Street, Los Angeles, California

Though the stone columns around the front porch make it look like the ideal home for a family of morticians, this house was originally built in 1904 for Swiss gold baron Auguste Rodolphe Marquis. Its 10 bedrooms span 6,324 square feet, and the building is currently home to the Filipino Federation of America. There is, thankfully, no funeral parlor downstairs.

35. Smallville — Kent farm
843 248th Street, Langley, British Columbia

The farm where Superman crash-landed on Earth was allegedly somewhere west of Wichita, but the set TV producers chose for Jonathan and Martha Kent’s residence is about 50 minutes southeast of Vancouver. The idyllic country property has also been home to other superheroes too, appearing in Supergirl and The Flash as well.

36. Stranger Things — Hopper’s trailer
Sleepy Hollow Farm, Douglas, Georgia

The trailer was constructed specifically for the show on this farm outside Atlanta, somewhere around the lake at 2300 Daniel Road SW. Though you can’t really go and see it (yet), there are plenty of other Stranger Things filming locations in and around ATL.

37. The Brady Bunch — Brady residence
11222 Dilling Street, Studio City, California

In one of the grandest cases of life imitating art, in 2018 HGTV purchased this split-level, Studio City three-bedroom for $3.5 million (outbidding Lance Bass), using it as the centerpiece for A Very Brady Renovation. In the show, the actors who played the Brady kids worked with contractors to turn the house into an exact Brady Bunch replica. It’s currently not open for tours or stays, and HGTV has given no specific word on its plans for the home.

38. The Handmaid’s Tale — Waterford house
355 Bay Street S, Hamilton, Ontario

Dreary, industrial Hamilton seems the perfect setting for the dystopian storyline of The Handmaid’s Tale, full of the sort of intimidating, towering homes used as the Waterford’s home. The real-life version was built in the 1890s for a wealthy banking family, originally named Ingleneuk — an old word for “reading nook.”

39. The Munsters — Munster residence
Universal Studios Hollywood

It seems almost appropriate that the creepiest TV comedy family in history shared a street with the Desperate Housewives. Though this house wasn’t specifically used in the latter show, it sits on the same street on the Universal backlot tour.

40. The OC — Cohen residence
6205 Ocean Breeze Drive, Malibu, California

Possibly to offset the geographic inaccuracy of the Anaheim-based Los Angeles Angels, exteriors and interiors of The OC were shot mostly across two houses in Malibu. Fans can still drive by the Cohen home, which you’ll recognize from exterior shots. But the adjacent house where interiors were shot — 6210 — burned down in the 2018 Malibu fires.

41. The Office — Jim and Pam’s house
13831 Calvert Street, Van Nuys, California

If you’ve ever watched The Office and thought, “Boy, dreary, downtrodden Scranton, Pennsylvania, sure seems to have a lot of sunny days,” that’s because the bulk of the show, like most, was shot in Southern California. This home would have made a short commute for the couple as it’s just a couple miles from the mocked-up Dunder Mifflin business park, which is at Chandler Valley Center Studios.

42. The Sopranos — Soprano residence
14 Aspen Drive, Caldwell, New Jersey

Much like the owners of the Breaking Bad house have been offered near a million dollars for their home in a neighborhood where similar houses cost half that, so did Tony Soprano’s house command a cult-classic premium when it went on sale last summer for $3.7 million. That’s about twice its estimated value and doesn’t even account for the daily invasion of ducks to the swimming pool.

43. The Walking Dead — Grimes residence
817 Cherokee Avenue SE, Atlanta, Georgia

Though certainly not a focal point of the show, this 1897 bungalow has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and as far as we know, no undead occupants. It also boasts a charming wraparound porch and a perfectly manicured lawn, though we’d still guess the TV show is why it sold for $713,000, about twice what other nearby houses cost.

44. The Wonder Years — Arnold residence
516 University Avenue, Burbank, California

It’s pretty amazing that mid-century suburban architecture can look almost identical whether it’s in Long Island; Washington, DC; or Southern California. The home that housed Kevin Arnold as he grew up in the late ‘60s was supposed to look like a hybrid of Huntington, Long Island, and Silver Spring, Maryland, but in fact was built in 1949 in Burbank. It’s currently valued at nearly a million dollars, not bad for a manager at NORCOM.

45. This Is Us — Pearson residence
5223 Shearin Avenue, Los Angeles, California

Though not as egregious an oversight as, say, a Starbucks cup in medieval Westeros, fans of This is Us have pointed out that the house number on the Pearson’s home changes from episode to episode. The real house, not far from Occidental College in Los Angeles, has had the same number since it was built in 1910. The four-bedroom house has only one bathroom and is valued at over $1.2 million.

46. True Blood — Sookie’s house
1199 Las Virgenes Road, Calabasas, California

This house, meant to be deep in Louisiana, is at the entrance to Malibu State Park and was actually built by the studio for the purpose of filming and has no actual residents. Seems appropriate for a house from a show about vampires where someone died every season. Unfortunately, the area is gated.

47. Twin Peaks — Laura Palmer’s house
708 33rd Street, Everett, Washington

Though most Twin Peaks devotees will make their pilgrimage to North Bend, Washington, about 45 minutes east of Seattle, Laura Palmer’s house sits roughly the same distance north of the city in Everett. So while you might be inclined to hit up Twede’s Café to get Agent Cooper’s favorite cherry pie, to see the show’s most famous house you’ll need to go to another county altogether.

48. Weeds — Botwin residence
26885 Chaucer Place, Stevenson Ranch, California

The purposefully vague setting for Weeds as somewhere nondescript with pleasant weather led producers to film in the Stevenson Ranch area of Santa Clarita. It also served as the backdrop for the painfully suburban Pleasantville, though this specific house wasn’t built until 2001.

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