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A Seven-Mile-Long Underwater Sculpture Park Is Coming to Miami Beach

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by Eben Diskin Nov 20, 2020

A new sculpture park is coming to Miami, but you’ll need to strap on a pair of flippers to see it. The OMA architecture firm is building a seven-mile-long underwater sculpture park off the shore of Miami Beach, with installations that can only be viewed by snorkeling.

The project, named ReefLine, has a primary purpose of raising awareness of the way climate change causes rising sea levels and coral reef damage in this part of Florida.

Shohei Shigematsu, who heads the architecture firm’s New York Office, told Dezeen, “The ReefLine is a unique project that brings attention to and mitigates the dangers of climate change in Miami Beach, while simultaneously enriching the city’s vivid art scene. We look forward to collaborating with a diverse group of experts and professionals on our first underwater cultural masterplan and sculpture.”

Underwater sculpture park in Miami Beach

Photo: OMA

The ReefLine will consist of geometric concrete modules stacked 20 feet underwater and 900 feet offshore. They will extend seven miles from South Beach at the southern end of the city to the northern end. It’s also intended to serve as an artificial reef curbing the negative impact of climate change and creating an environment where marine life can thrive.

Underwater sculpture park is coming to Miami Beach

Photo: OMA

Argentinian curator Ximena Caminos told Dezeen, “The ReefLine will provide structure for corals and sponges to naturally colonize, adding biodiversity to an area that is currently an underwater desert of sand. In the future, we are looking into the feasibility of transplanting nursery grown corals to the structure from University of Miami’s Rescue-a-Reef programme.”

Construction will begin next year, and the first mile of the sculpture park is expected to be finished in 2021.

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