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Vending Machines at the Las Vegas Airport Are Dispensing Masks and Hand Sanitizer

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by Eben Diskin May 18, 2020

With hotels and casinos reopening soon with extra safety measures in Las Vegas, the city’s airport is also cleaning up its act.

McCarran International Airport is making it easier for visitors to practice good hygiene by installing new vending machines that sell all the essentials to make their stay in Las Vegas as safe as possible. They dispense hand sanitizer, gloves, wipes, and face masks, making the airport the first in the country to introduce PPE vending machines.

Christine Crews, a spokesperson for McCarran International Airport, told the Las Vegas Review-Journal, “It’s not unthinkable that someone will show up at the airport and has left behind one of these items that’s almost essential now to air travel.”

Just don’t expect convenience store prices. It’s an airport, after all. Three packs of disposable masks will set you back $7.50, reusable cloth masks are $14.50, two sizes of hand sanitizer are $4.50 and $6.50, a 10-pack of alcohol wipes is $5.25, and a four-pack of disposable gloves is $4.50. The slightly inflated prices aren’t exactly surprising, given the current high demand for these items.

The machines are located in the Terminal 1 ticketing area and near the TSA checkpoint in Terminal 3.

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